Hot Cream 2 Pack, Cellulite Slimming & Firming Cream, Body Fat Burning Massage Gel for Shaping Waist, Abdomen and Buttocks

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What’s the Hot Cream?

A hot cream, also known as a weight-loss cream or a fat-burning cream, is claimed to be an active belly slimming cream. It is also applied on areas with excess fat like the butt or the thighs to get rid of the fat and leave you with a toned look.

The Hot Cream is a cream that produces pleasant warmth after application. It is ideal as a fat burning cream and skin firming cream, because the pleasant heat stimulates blood circulation and the skin becomes firmer and firmer.

It is also designed to be used as part of a dietary and fitness regime to combat cellulite.


How to Use Hot Cream Effectively?

The slimming cream works by acting on the fat receptors to prevent the storage of fat. It’s easily absorbed to the skin and burns the fats and tones the unwanted fats. After bath or shower, apply a small amount over at your palm, massage into the target areas that you want to slim down. Apply day & night and six consecutive days for the best result.The right massage has very powerful function on weight-loss. Massage assists lymphatic circulation, meaning it helps burn fat and blocks cellulite formation. If you just cover the slimming cream without doing massage, the effect will be halved.Appropriate exercise is very necessary at the same time. It is more effective to apply it before exercise. Like jogging, cycling, swimming, stair climbing and other endurance-type exercise are the best way to burn fat.When you go to workout, using it with a waist trimmer/sweat belt to enhance the effectiveness of the fat loss. It heats up quickly that will help to sweat more.




Accelerate The Burning of Fat

Tighten stomach, abs, arms, legs and buttocks. Making you have a body building sexy body.

Workout Enhancer

Increase sweat and circulation, resulting in extra calories burned.

Firming & Smoothing Skin

Reduce the appearance of cellulite as well as promotes elasticity and collagen development within your cells, strengthening your skin for a youthful appearance.


Intense skin hydration; Increases skin firmness and elasticity; Boosts skin metabolism to support skin regeneration


buttocks, thighs, belly

【Works As Anti-Cellulite Cream 】The pleasant heat stimulates blood circulation and tighten skin which makes the skin appear smoother and firmer. They also add moisture, which can reduce the appearance of cellulite.
【Works As Workout Enhancer】Use this with workout clothes or waist trimmer when exercises. It not only improve your body’s circulation but also stimulates the sweat, you’ll be releasing built-up toxins within your body during your workout.
【 Do It Consistent】If you think dieting are painful and difficult to hold on, you really need this hot cream to help you. Apply twice daily, preferably after exfoliation or after shower, to any problem areas holding stubborn fat or cellulite, It can also be applied before exercise to assist in fat burning.
【60-DAY Satisfaction Guarantee】Everyone has different feeling and tolerance to burning sensation, which is related to the amount of use and skin condition. If you are not satisfied with the results, contact us return within 60 days for a refund.
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