KN95 Face Mask, 60pcs Vibeey Individually Wrapped Cup Dust Mask Included on FDA EUA List, 5-Ply Layer Filter, Efficiency≥95%, Against PM2.5 Dust Disposable Respirator KN95 Face Masks Black

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Product Description

Precautions for using KN95 masks

1. Confirm the integrity of the packaging, the date of production and the expiry date of the mask.2. Wash your hands before putting on a mask, or avoid contact with contaminated masks.3. Make sure that the mask fits the face completely. A simple test: After putting on the mask, exhale forcefully to check if air leaks from the edges. Do not use if the mask is broken or has holes or leaks.4. Do not wash the mask with water. Water will destroy the filtering capacity and protection.5. Store the mask in a clean and cool place. Avoid high temperatures exceeding 40°C and humidity exceeding 80%.

KN95 masks provide security

KN95 masks comply with safety standards (KN95 level) and are produced in a completely dust-free workshop. The entire process is assembled by automatic machines. The technicians also strictly comply with the requirements.

Vibeey’s KN95 5-layer foldable mask is suitable for adults’ daily life, work and travel protction. Correct use of masks can provide a filtration efficiency of ≥95% and effectively protect respiratory health. Use KN95 mask to prevent PM2.5, dust and haze.

Comfortable fit, breathable and refreshing

The 3D design of the human face shape fits the face 360°, and while isolating droplets particles, the super breathable material effectively prevents moisture in the mask; it is equipped with high elastic ear straps, which will not cause ear pain when worn for a long time.

Individually packaged, compact and convenient

60 pieces, each individually packaged, clean and hygienic, convenient for daily storage and carrying; At the same time, our KN95 masks are of good quality, so you and your family can use them with confidence.

Safe and high quality, meet your daily needs

Our 60-piece KN95 masks all meet the NPPTL professional testing standards, and can be used in various life scenarios such as traveling, shopping in shopping malls, outdoor sports, working and class.


60 Masks

60 Masks

50 Masks

1 Thermometer

1 Safety Goggles and 1 Cleaning Cloth

1 Thermometer and 1 Type-C cable


Use in public

for adults, kids and baby

for adluts

for adluts

for adluts

for adluts

Suitable for sensitive times

【Compliance & Security】: Vibeey black KN95 mask has been approved by the FDA, is Included in FDA EUA Emergency Use Authorization List and Manufactured by Sengtor Ltd. Contains 60 individually packaged KN95 masks, which can be used with confidence.
【Provide Multi-effect Protection】: Disposable particle filtering half mask, high breathability 5-ply disposable Non-Woven masks using standard safety materials can provide multi-effect protection.
【Filtration>95%】: Filter efficiency greater than 95% tested by NPPTL, which greatly prevents unfiltered air from entering directly, could be protected from dust, small particles of air, pollen and much more and can protect you at critical moments.
【Hygienic & Comfortable】: Lightweight and foldable, the 60-piece individually packaged design makes these masks easy to carry and hygienic to use. Equipped with an adjustable soft-padded nose mask and elastic ear hooks to prevent leaving marks on your face after taking it off, easy to put on and take off.
【Upgraded Warranty】: Provides a three-year effective warranty, applicable to all public places such as home, school, indoor and outdoor. Disclaimer: This KN95 mask is NOT an N95 mask. For more information about KN95 masks please see the following before you purchase:
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