Sirtfood Diet: A Simple Guide to Losing Weight, Burning Fat and Feeling Better, Includes a Meal Plan and 100+ Recipes

Sirtfood Diet: A Simple Guide to Losing Weight, Burning Fat and Feeling Better, Includes a Meal Plan and 100+ Recipes

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If you want to lose weight, burn fat, and improve your overall health with the Sirtfood diet, then keep reading…

Two manuscripts in one book:

  • Sirtfood Diet: How You Can Lose Weight, Burn Fat and Feel Better Overall While Following a Simple Meal Plan Filled with Delicious Recipes
  • Sirtfood Recipes: A Cookbook with 100+ Recipes for Making the Most of the Sirtfood Diet

Are you struggling to lose weight or get in better shape?

Have you tried various types of diets to no avail?

What if you can lose weight while still consuming your favorite foods and beverages?

All these questions lead to one dieting solution – the Sirtfood Diet.

You might have heard about recent mind-boggling fitness transformations that took the world by storm. Celebrities including the singer-songwriter, Adele, English fashion model, Jodie Kidd, and socialite Pippa Middleton have recently revealed the secret behind their successful fitness journeys.

The secret is a rather flexible diet comprising so-called ‘sirtfoods.’

This diet is a new fitness trend that not only helps you to lose weight but also preaches healthy eating as a part of your lifestyle.

To learn how to lose weight without running low on energy and without giving up on your favorite foods, then look no further than the Sirtfood Diet.

In part one of this book, you will learn…

  • Everything you need to know about the Sirtfood Diet.
  • The science behind sirtuins and their effect on healthy weight loss.
  • How cellular homeostasis works.
  • Everything you need to know about exercising while on a sirtfood nutrition plan.
  • Popular sirtfoods and their benefits.
  • How to follow Phase 1 of the diet for weight loss.
  • How to follow Phase 2 of the diet to maintain your new weight.
  • An extensive grocery list and necessary equipment.
  • An effective 21-day diet plan to kick-start your fitness journey.
  • 15 healthy and delicious sirtfood recipes to incorporate into your diet.

In part two of this book, you will discover…

  • The basics of the Sirtfood diet and how to get started
  • Delicious and healthy Sirtfood recipes
  • Tips to start meal planning
  • A 4-week Sirtfood diet meal plan, and much more!

This book covers everything from proper eating habits and healthy recipes to maintain your new weight after successfully shedding extra pounds. Now is your chance to lose weight and keep it off, just like the celebrities have!

Get this book now to get started on what could be the easiest weight loss journey of your life.

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