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Sleep Headphones, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless 3D Eye Mask, WATOTGAFER Sleeping Headphones for Side Sleepers, Washable Travel Music Play Adjustable Speakers Microphone Handsfree Long Play Time

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Product Description

Do You Have The Same Problem Like me Falling Asleep?

The sleep headphones wireless mask may be your great solution for you block out noise too. Sleep with new Pretty Care 3D music eye mask, you will spend every night in comfort, and wake up every morning refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

WATOTGAFER Sleep Headphones KIT

Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask×1Travel Bag×1USB Cable×1User Manual×1TANKS Card×1

3D Contoured Shape Comfort Your Eyes

3D Contoured Eye Mask for sleeping allows you to casually adjust it to the most comfortable way of wearing without oppressing your eyes and you can open your eyes optionally without get your carefully prepared makeup for eyes massed up. Moreover, cataract patients can also wear our sleeping mask well.

Adjustable Strap, Suit for Most People

Step1: Wear the fold sleep mask well

Step2: Adjust the length of strap to the most comfortable position to fit your head well

Step3: Adjust the nose flap to fit your bridge of nose well

Step4: Last but IMPORTANT, to achieve a 100% lights blocks effect, please pull down the nose flap and lift it up, then adjust the position!

Sleep Mask Fit The Contours of The Person’s Face

Sleep mask Pressureless eye is ergonomic and fits your face very well. Prevent light from intruding.The 3D Contoured Eye Mask for sleeping nose wing design will not easily cause light leakage from moving sleep mask.

The sleep headphones mask adopted 3D Ergonomic Technology with premium memory foam material, Ultra Soft and Comfortable

No Pressure On Nose and block out 100% of light to create absolute dark zone for your wonderful deep sleep.

Washable Sleep Headphone

Bluetooth moudle and wires can be take out from sleep mask you can wash the mask.Recommend to wash it by hand with warm water better.

Hidden Charging Port & Updated

With the update Charging Port, charging will be very sturdy, won’t broken again!

Ultra Soft & Comfortable

Breathable Material. Comfortable Feel.Breathable Slow-rebound Memory sponge and smooth fabric let you release your facial stress and help get into sleep rapidly. And besides. Double – layer bonding with no – wire, not only softer, but also perfect anti- cracking trouble.

Extra Soft Padding On The Bridge

This sleep headphones eye mask has extra super material and padding around the bridge of your nose to prevent this sneaky light from getting in.

☽PERFECT PARTNER FOR SLEEPING-The Sleep headphones mask adopted 3D ERGONOMIC TECHNOLOGY for eyes area and block out 100% of light to create absolute dark zone and listen to music without wearing additional headphones for you sweet deep sleep, great solution to the problem sleeper. Perfect for home, office, air travel, business strip, relaxation, mediation and insomnia.
☽BLUETOOTH 5.0 STEREO SOUND-Featuring Updated BLUETOOTH 5.0 technology, stable connectivity and smooth transmission in high speed and long distance with low consumption for great stereo sound experience. Built-in adjustable high quality speaker and microphone for handfree and clear call. Sleeping mask can be WASHABLE you can take out the bluetooth moudle and wires out. Recommend to wash the mask by hand with warm water.
☽ULTRA SOFT&GREAT FOR SIDE SLEEPER-Sleep headphones bluetooth sleep mask is designed with breathable material and comfortable feel, BREATHABLE SLOW-REBOUND MEMORY SPONGE and smooth fabric let you release your facial stress and help get into sleep rapidly. Bluetooth control on the middle and is perfectly fit for side sleeper.
☽UPDATED BATTERY-Built-in the premium high-performance battery Charge about 2-2.5 hours, provide more than 8 hours playing time, won’t be waked up at night, You can sleep peacefully all night
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