Base Strength: Program Design Blueprint

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“Base Strength: Program Design Blueprint” condenses over 100 years of strength training wisdom into one simple and concise book. Chapter One starts by building a crucial understanding of the relationship between stress and adaptation. Then, we cover the topic of stagnation, identifying the few big factors that cause progress to stop before breaking down the specific steps to preventing plateaus.

“Base Strength” includes clear instructions on scheduling workout splits, clarifies the exact methods of weekly progression (with dozens of examples for squat, bench press and deadlift), gives multiple callbacks and comparisons to other popular programs and concludes with 10 example programs, each one completely fleshed out with main exercises, accessory work and progressions for both Base and Peak phases.

There is also an added BONUS chapter on programming for Strongman events that work just as well for GPP and general sports conditioning as they have for my preparation for World’s Strongest Man.

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