Bodybuilding Nutrition: Train Big, Eat Big, Get Big: 13 Nutrition Rules You Must Obey to Boost Muscle Growth, Volume 1

Bodybuilding Nutrition: Train Big, Eat Big, Get Big: 13 Nutrition Rules You Must Obey to Boost Muscle Growth, Volume 1

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Are you spending hours in the weight room, but not seeing the results you’re looking for? Learn the real science behind the methods that work to build muscle fast – and how to use it to your advantage. In Bodybuilding Nutrition by Kevin P. Hunter, you’ll find:

  • How to build muscle and cut fat – the healthy way
  • What to eat while getting ready to destroy bodybuilding competitions
  • A four-week meal plan that will turn your body into a muscle-building factory
  • The nutrients you need to make massive gains and make your gym buddies jealous
  • Important calculations that make sure you’re getting your body the fuel it needs
  • Packed with real science, not the promotional fluff you’ll find elsewhere

The 13 golden rules of bodybuilding nutrition is based on Kevin’s 13 Golden Rules for boosting muscle growth. He lets you in on the muscle-making secrets that old pros and promotional hacks don’t want you to know:

  • Why hormones are vital to building muscle – and how to get the ones you need
  • How your body responds to demand and nutrition to make you bigger and more powerful
  • How to get the good carbohydrates you need to fuel your training and build healthy mass
  • Why protein is essential to packing on pounds of muscle
  • When – and what – you should eat to maximize gains and minimize recovery time
  • The down-low on nutritional supplements with none of the promotional crap running rampant through the fitness industry

Simple, no-fluff, science-backed bodybuilding promotional gurus and pushy personal trainers just want you to buy what they’re selling. Hard facts are hard to come by. When you find some good ones, you need to hold on to them and devour every morsel of insight they have to offer.

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