Moosh Natural Dog Shampoo – Promotes Healthy Hair, Coat and Skin. Helps Hot Spots, Dry Itchy Skin, Allergies. Pet Odor Eliminator – Grooming Shampoo. Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Bentonite Clay

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Be a voice for your dog’s precious skin with this pH-balanced dog shampoo.

by Lisa Dolezal; Owner, Fieldworks Supply Company

The relationship between us and our dogs is one built on cues. An unspoken understanding of body language. They know when we’re angry or happy or sad or upset. Conversely, we can read a wagging tail or perked up ears. We know the difference between barking and growling. We do our best to interpret these signs because we love our dogs and want them to be happy. Sometimes we have to be a voice for our dogs. I learned this first hand after my dog developed severe skin issues. Nothing truly improved the issue until my company formulated chemical-free shampoos that were pH balanced just for dogs.

When dogs scratch or lick their skin, we assume, often rightly so, that there’s a skin issue. Obviously, a bad smell means your dog needs a bath. Or, so I thought until I realized that the shampoos I was using were exacerbating the problem.

“It wasn’t until I learned that a dog’s skin is three times thinner than a human’s and far more sensitive that I understood how toxic chemicals can be to a dog.”

My dog’s skin is his largest organ, so anything I use on the skin or coat will be absorbed into the body. It wasn’t until I learned that a dog’s skin is three times thinner than a human’s and far more sensitive that I understood how toxic chemicals can be to a dog. Dogs are very sensitive to chemicals like those found in most dog shampoos. Here I was lathering up my sweet dog, thinking I was doing the best thing for him.

In fact, I was just making things worse. After berating myself, I realized that it’s nearly impossible for the average consumer to fully understand the ingredients in dog shampoos. The pet care industry is poorly regulated and manufacturers are not required to qualify ingredients like a “proprietary blend.” That’s not an ingredient, but it appears more often than you’d think. Labels are comprised of tricky definitions making it really hard to know what’s safe and what isn’t. For example, the same ingredient can be classified as a mild skin irritant or a cancer causing chemical. We trust the company to do their due diligence and create formulas that are dog-safe.

Chances are, the company isn’t buying coconut oil and synthesizing it to create sodium lauryl sulfate. They’re purchasing the sodium lauryl sulfate and mixing it with their own chemical formulation, which may have contaminants in it. It’s a slippery slope.

“Dogs need shampoo that’s pH balanced just for their precious skin.”

The more you understand about your dog’s delicate skin, the easier it is to make well-informed choices. The acid mantle or relative pH of your dog is a protective layer that covers the skin.A human’s relative pH is much different than that of a dog. So, you don’t want to bathe your dog in your shampoo. It will dry out their skin, which can present as dry, flaky, irritated skin. Dogs need shampoos that are pH balanced just for their precious skin. Even all-natural and organic ingredients are not necessarily safe for your dog if they aren’t pH-balanced. So, I created shampoos that clearly state they are formulated for a dog’s pH balance. You can be a voice for your dog by saying ‘no’ to shampoo ingredients that are toxic for dogs.

Say ‘yes’ to Moosh and Heel and know it is pH balanced just for dogs.



About Fieldworks Supply Company

Fieldworks Supply Company, a Portland, Oregon maker of skincare products for people and pets. Made in small batches, our balms, cleansers, body wash, soap and shampoos contain bentonite clay, which comes from volcanic ash in the American west. It nurtures, nourishes and calms the skin, drawing toxins from the skin while helping it heal. At Fieldworks Supply, it’s in our nature to nurture.


The Magic of our Formulas comes from Clay

It’s the interplay of plant-based oils and beneficial clay that makes our products so effective. The early builders of the modern world—such as the Mesopotamians and Greeks—all used clays in mudbaths or poultices to aid a variety of complaints. They recognized the power of clay to draw toxins and impurities from the skin. Today, there’s a movement away from harsh, chemical-based cleansers and soaps back to simpler, more wholesome stuff. Our clay naturally wicks dirt and grime away from the skin.







Made from the Best Ingredients

Argon Oil gives your pet’s coat a healthy, silky shine.

Bentonite Clay naturally draws grime away from the skin

Vetiver is a natural-born antiseptic, with the fresh scent of the great outdoors.

Nutmeg soothes skin.

Rosemary is great for circulation.

Better, Because it’s from the Earth

100% Natural and Organic…

No sulfates.

No preservatives.

No chemicals.

Our Product Code Stories

We not only make simple, effective products that support hard work and adventuring spirit, we celebrate that spirit, too. So every Fieldworks product carries a product code number that honors:

– Significant time in history

– Places discovered

– Structures built

– Amazing feats of people and animals.

ITCHY SKIN or HOT SPOTS? We are the only dog shampoo with Bentonite Clay. This clay has been known for centuries for natural healing abilities. It leaves your dogs fur squeaky clean and calm, soothed skin.
SKIN ISSUES? We use Argon Oil. Rich in emollients, it moisturizes, conditions and reduces skin issues and flaking. SHEA BUTTER and ALOE VERA Soothe, soften and moisturize the skin as well as leave hair silky and shiny.
ESSENTIAL OILS Leave your best friend smelling naturally great – no fake perfumes! ECO-FRIENDLY – Safe for lakes and streams as well as your dog. Remember, your dog cleans and grooms himself by licking. Make sure you are using 100% safe ingredients.
VERY CONCETRATED – We have a reducer in the neck of the bottle which allow you to control the amount you squeeze out. (SEE VIDEO). MADE IN USA IN SMALL BATCHES – We are committed to excellence and make our product in small batches to ensure quality and effectiveness. You and your dog’s happiness with Moosh is our highest priority.
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