Saluvera Skin Tag and Acne Patches (108 PCS) – Acne spot Treatment| Natural Skin Tag Removal Kit| Pimple Patches| Improved Formulation Mole Skin Remover

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When we look in the mirror we don’t just see skin stretched over bones. We see ourselves, with all our love, and personality, and promise. We see our most cherished memories, and our family traits. We see our mother’s eyes. Our father’s smile. We see ourselves. Sometimes feeling like ourselves means more than being able to do the things we love. Sometimes feeling like ourselves means looking like ourselves, too.

Our values are simply this: When you look your best, we feel our best.

SaluVera means ‘true health’, because health is about more than feeling well, and having energy. True health should begin within, and radiate without.

At SaluVera, we know that feeling your best includes looking your best. We are dedicated to bringing your truest health to the surface, by treating your skin like royalty.


If you’ve ever had a skin tag, you know how bothersome they can feel or look, even if they aren’t necessarily harmful to your health. Saluvera is a combined product that comprises natural remedy for eliminating both acne and skin tag.


No matter where your skin tag may be, endtag skin tag remover is the low-cost effective way to get rid of them. Saluvera tag away skin tag remover, and acne patches can be applied on your face, neck, hand, body, and so on. We make it possible and safe for you to make use of tag remover skin and skin tags without any side effects.


Each clear, medicated patch is applied directly to the affected area making the elimination of pimples, dark spots, mole skin, skin tag, fast and easy.


Our Skin Tag Remover is made with 100% natural ingredients such as tea tree oil which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits is used for acne spot treatment, removal of acne dots, back acne, whitehead remover, cystic acne and much more. Our acne treatment product is formulated with hydrocolloid, which gently absorbs the excess fluids, like pus and oil, from your popped pimple while also protecting the affected area from bacteria, gunk, and your fingers. Our pimple patches for face fits all skin types and can be used on your face and body. You can finally remove unwanted star face, skin tag, smacne acne, and have beautiful skin. The pimple remover perfectly works on moles thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and wound healing properties together with calendula oil which is a great for spot treatment for face.


✔️ Fast and Effective – You can finally remove unwanted skin tags which will eventually dry and then fall off. When the color changes or dries completely, you can replace it with another spot treatment.
✔️ Contains 108 Piece of Acne and Skin Tag Remover – Saluvera skin tags removal products consist of 108 pads. This is more than enough for multiple treatments. Firmly position the proactive emergency blemish treatment patch over the skin tag. The mole remover will stick to the skin when it is placed correctly.
✔️ Easy to Use – Cleanse and dry your hands or face before you apply the cystic acne treatment. Put the acne patches for face, tap on it gently a few times to stick tight. The acne treatment for face can be done twice a day. After some minute, the mole will dry out and fall off. Then you notice a bright and beautiful skin.
✔️ Safe – Our skin tag removal patches are made of all-natural ingredients that are safe on all kinds of skin. No scary, no burning, non-toxic. Safe for your face. Furthermore, our skin tag removal kit is suitable for men, women and teens
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