Dove Men+Care Shower Tool For Stronger, Healthy-Feeling Skin Active Clean Scrubs and Exfoliates for a Deeper Clean With Body Wash, Pack of 4

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Looking for a shower tool that delivers a deeper clean? Add Dove Men+Care Active Clean Shower Tool to your men’s skin care routine! This shower tool men is specifically designed for men’s skin by the #1 dermatologist recommended men’s brand. The Active Clean Shower Tool is a loofah and body exfoliator in one easy-to-grip tool. The mesh side builds a rich lather for a deep, refreshing clean. The scrub side exfoliates dry skin to leave it feeling healthy and strong. If you’re looking for a loofah or exfoliator, this shower tool does both. We recommend using Dove Men+Care skin care products, such as our Face and Body Wash or Instant Foaming Body Wash, with this shower tool. For best results, pour your favorite Dove Men+Care Body Wash onto the mesh side of the shower tool and work up a thick lather on your skin. Alternate occasionally to the scrubbing side for a deep, exfoliating, clean, particularly on rough skin patches and elbows. Then rinse thoroughly. We recommend replacing the shower tool every four to six weeks. Dove Men+Care champion active fathers and the need for paid paternity leave. Find out more about their work in celebrating fatherhood and raising awareness around parental leave on the Dove Men+Care site.

FROM THE #1 DERMATOLOGIST RECOMMENDED MEN’S BRAND: This easy-to grip and hang shower tool turns your shower into a simple and efficient skin care routine.
RICH LATHER: The mesh side of the shower tool is perfect for creating a rich lather with body wash. We recommend using Dove Men+Care body wash for a deep, refreshing clean.
EXFOLIATES SKIN: The scrub side of the shower tool exfoliates skin to leave it feeling stronger and healthier than just body wash alone.
DESIGNED FOR MEN: Men’s skin care is different. Men sweat more, have thicker skin and lose hydration faster. Our shower tool is developed for men’s skin to keep it healthy and protected from dryness.
CLEANSE WITH CARE: The skin cleansing efficacy and men’s skin care you need, all in one product.
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