GiGi Creme Hair Removal Soft Wax for Sensitive Skin, 14 oz

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Removes Fine Hair on Sensitive Skin

This GiGi Creme Wax provides a thin application that makes it easier to remove fine to medium hair on the face, arms, chest, or legs. The creamy consistency gives you more flexibility and control when spreading on the skin. Perfect to use on sensitive skin with the help of Titanium Dioxide which counters any allergic reaction so you’ll have a less uncomfortable waxing experience.

Smooth Consistency For Seamless Application

Easy application you can do in the comfort of your home! You don’t have to go to a waxing salon if you want to get rid of unappealing fine hair on your arms or legs. GiGi Creme Wax produces just the right creamy and thin consistency that can pull out hair from the roots! Apply a removal strip on the wax, pull from the opposite direction of hair growth and you’ll have soft and hairless skin.

No Muss, No Fuss

A simple and effortless way to prepare for your hair removal session, this GiGi Creme soft wax is also ideal for beginners. It leaves no residue behind when applied correctly, you’re sure to have less cleaning time and more downtime to soothe your newly epilated hairless skin. Make sure to arrange everything you need beforehand and prepare the right waxing kit that goes along with the Creme Wax to have a more convenient waxing experience.

NO WAX RESIDUE LEFT BEHIND: The creamy application of GiGi Crème Wax aids in the comfortable removal of unappealing fine hair, revealing silky soft skin with no wax residue left behind. Achieve a hairless finish without getting messy during the process of removing your hair from the roots!
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES: Titanium Dioxide present in the formulation acts as an anti-inflammatory to calm the skin during the waxing process. This makes it perfect for those who have sensitive skin, so you can have a more agreeable waxing session. GiGi Crème Wax is a comforting wax formula recommended for sensitive skin, perfect for estheticians who have clients with delicate skin and regular users who prefer to wax at home.
EASY, COMFORTABLE APPLICATION: This soft wax melts at a lower temperature, providing a consistency that is thin and flexible to apply on the skin. The formulation promotes an easier but effective method for removing hair. Achieve smooth and hairless skin in minutes without worrying about the discomfort that always comes along with waxing! Its formula is designed to calm and soothe the skin while in the process of rooting out unwanted hair. The anti-inflammatory properties provide additional comf
CRUELTY-FREE and Proudly Made In The USA: The GiGi Crème Wax has not been tested on animals and products are manufactured in the USA.
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