Isavera Tummy Fat Reduction System – Non-invasive Cold Treatment to Reduce the Appearance of Fat Body – Cold Sculpting Wrap Belt – Shrink Tummy and Shape Stomach with our Tummy Fat Home Waist Trainer

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ease the frustrations of diet and exercise with the proven, patent-pending Isavera Fat Reduction System. Our waist trainer is an effective, simple way to rid your body of stubborn fat cells. Begin slimming and toning from the comfort of your home. This premium cold body sculpting wrap helps you get the flat tummy, thighs, butt, arms that you’ve always wanted. Look years younger with a far more positive, energetic self-image.
Target Stubborn Areas: Our patent pending fat loss wraps are a simple, safe, noninvasive way to help destroy body fat deposits without harmful gimmicky machines. Our proprietary, custom-formulated gel packs reach ideal temperatures to trigger fat loss (apoptosis) without harming skin. Similar phenomenon to mainstream fat reduction systems.
It’s Time to Feel Better About Yourself: Reduce appearance of fat in stubborn areas that diet and exercise don’t target. Our proprietary, dual-action gel packs help spot-reduce hard to reach areas like tummy, butt, thighs, arms and more. Helps reduce unwanted fat bulges such as muffin tops, belly fat and thigh fat. Works fast with proven results for most people.
Easy-To-Use System: No need for risky procedures that can be painful and expensive. Our fat reduction wrap incorporates phenomena from documented studies that have been thoroughly researched and proven: gel packs help cause fat cell death (apoptosis) while cold thermogenesis spikes metabolism, activates fat burning ‘brown fat’ and dozens of other benefits.
Fits Your Schedule: Manage weight more effectively with less dieting and time-consuming exercise. Our waist trimmer effectively targets stubborn fat that has been difficult or impossible to lose in the past.
Many people are purchasing our Isavera Fat Reduction System to dramatically enhance fat loss results. Burn fat with our tummy tuck fat loss wraps today.
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