LASHVIEW Eyelash Extension Kit,with Mannequin Head,Lash Extension Supplies for Beginners,Professional Eyelash Extension Kit, for Makeup and Eyelash Graft.

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Lash Extension Training Kit

Necessary Accessories

This set contains all the things that must be used in the grafting process. It can be used to practice eyelash grafting, or it can be used on real-life eyelash grafting.

High Quantity Head

Made of soft silicone, like real human skin smooth,soft,no weird smell,convenient and reusable.

Suitable for Beginners

lash extension supplies kit is the best choice for beginners to start learning eyelash extensions or perfect her lash extension techniques.


Eyelash Mannequin Head *1

Tweezers *2

Eyelash Extension Glue *1

Eyelash Extensions *2

Glue Rings Holder *100

Training Lashes & five-point practice isolation paper*5

Eyepads *3

Micore Brushes *50 & Mascara Brushes *25

Micore Brushes

Micro brushes are non drip and lint free, health and convenience to use,Great for dental use, eyelash extension removal, nail art, painting, crafting projects, cleaning small gap, etc.

Mascara Brushes

No more clumping ! Perfect for your eyelash extension makeup.It is the necessary tool for lash artist. Great for professional or individual use.

Glue Rings Holder

Lightweight and convenient, easy to use.

Keeps the eyelash glue, tattoo pigment, ink lip sense liquify without it drying out too quickly.

High Quantity

The quality of the products in this set is very good, not only can be used to practice eyelash grafting, but also can be used for real person grafting.

Lash Extension Tweezers

Two types of tweezers to meet the needs of grafting,fast grafting.Made of high quality stainless steel, designed for professional lash extensions.

Eye Pads

The eye patch is rich in gel, fits the eye shape, without irritation, and no residual glue.

✿MANNEQUIN HEAD:Lash mannequin head is smooth, realistic surface texture and simulative of human skin, which will be more convenient to practice,the hole of the mannequin head on the back can be easily fix on the mannequin holder or clamp, can also be used with any holder for upright use.
✿FOR BEGINNERS: The lash extension training kit is the best choice for beginners to start learning eyelash extensions or perfect her lash extension techniques. Soft and self-adhesive training lashes,blooming Cups,five-point practice isolation papers,help you learn lash extensions quickly and easily.
✿APPLICATION:Eyelash kit extension training kit can be used for medical area, hairdressing area, human body demonstration, massage acupoint teaching, anthroposcopy and art.
✿LIFETIME MANUFACTURER’S GUARANTE: To prove how confident we are in our product, we offer a lifetime money back guarantee with every purchase! If you are not completely satisfied with your lashes, we will refund your purchase with no exception! Click the Add to Cart Button Now!
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