Collagen Peptides Powder for Women. Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder Types I, III Non-GMO, Grass-Fed, Gluten-Free, Unflavored – Easy to Mix Drink Promotes Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

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What Makes Perfotek Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides Your Best Choice?

The answer is quality, absorbability, and potency. You may not know it, but some collagen is derived from cows that have been fed an unhealthy diet. Other collagen powders “gel” and coagulate in cold liquids so mixing is difficult; still others taste like beef broth, or worse, imparting a foul taste to everything they touch.

Perfotek Hydrolyzed Collagen is different… better.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides

Indications: Supports healthy skin, hair, nails, bones, tendons, joints, and cartilage.

Directions: Add a scoop (11 g) to your daily coffee, tea, juice, yogurt, smoothie, or even glass of water. Perfotek Hydrolyzed Collagen is flavor and odor free and mixes well with both cold and hot liquids.

Taste Neutral & No Flavor – Mixes and dissolve well in any drinks. Heavy metals free and Keto friendly!
Product of the USA – It’s enough for 45 days, add one scoop (10 g) of InstaSkinCare collagen and feel yourself better
Health Benefits – Support mobility & Repair joints. Good for your Skin, Hair, Nails, and Bones
Short Amino acids allow fast absorption. Supplementing your diet with hydrolyzed collagen.
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