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This is a specially formulated cream for promoting sweat and increasing the thermogenic heating effect during your workout. It helps prevent muscle strains, pulls, and fatigue, so you can continue to feel great and get the results you are looking for.
What is Workout Enhancer Cream?
It’s a sweat cream that creates a sauna like environment where it is applied. Although it does not get physically hot, your body will feel the effects of increased circulation, and sweating along with increased warm up and recovery time.
What can this Sweat Cream Can Do for You?
βœ” Increase sweat and circulation, resulting in extra calories burned.
βœ” Tighten stomach, abs, arms, legs and buttocks.
βœ” Reduce inflammation and prevent muscle strains and pulls.
βœ” Accelerates warm up and recovery time. 

How to Achieve Best Results
Please apply one spoon full of fat burning cream to desired workout area such as belly, arms, legs and buttocks before a workout session to enhance the effectiveness of this fat loss cream. The heat will help burn calories and trim the waist. If you have very sensitive skin, try a small amount on you body before start using it regularly. 

Q: Does this cream make your body feel hot after applying it and working out?
A: Yes, This is a Hot Workout Cream so you will start feeling increased heat on the applied body surface once you start working out and it will increase sweat. If your skin is sensitive, Please try a very small amount before working out. After your workout session, please take a towel & wipe off excess sweat and cream, take a cold or warm shower, AVOID EXTREME HOT SHOWERS. Rinse and repeat for maximum results.
🌱 ALL-IN-ONE SUCCESSFUL FORMULA: This sweet Hot Gel is an all-in-one powerful, high-quality blend of Vegan and Paraben friendly, active Non-GMO ingredients. Our newest formula uses Coconut & Aloe for a wonderful smell and soothing workout session. These elements produce a circulation within your body to help you get rid of that excess belly fat you’ve never wanted.
πŸ”₯ TONE & FIRM BODY: Sweat More, Tone More! Apply sweat burner enhancing pre-workout cream on stomach or trouble areas.
πŸ’₯ WORKOUT COMPLEMENT: This slimming gel sweat cream increases blood circulation through muscles, supports weight loss, and sheds belly fat, giving you that perfect flat stomach!
βœ” PROPER USE & MAKE THE MOST OF IT: Apply an ample amount of fat burning cream into stubborn areas like cellulite, stomach, arms. Massage the hot gel in circular motions to spread evenly. Apply right before your workout routine or putting on your waist trainer and start getting your sweat on.
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