LANKIZ Eyelash Extension Kit with Mannequin Head Practice Exercise Set Training Lash Extension Supplies for Beginners Include Individual Lashes Glue Tweezers and Training Lashes

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eyelash extensions kiteyelash extensions kit

lash extensionslash extensions


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Lovely in the blink of an eye. Lady’s eyes are brilliant stars of love. As the window of the soul, eyes reveal our beauty and intelligence.

LANKIZ, a brand dedicated to the design, production and sales of eye products based on professional eyelash extensions. We bloom your beauty to the maximum with professional and high-quality eye products.

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LANKIZ Eyelash Extension Kit Supplies

7 Pcs necessary accessories

Lankiz eyelash extension kit includes all necessary accessories for lash training beginners. You can start your lash extension journey by using this eyelash extension grafting practice exercise set quickly and easily.

This lash kit also can be used to improve extension techniques for professionals. The effect is the same as the practice of grafting through real people.

The eyelash extension glue in the kit is specially designed for lash practice so it is not recommended for real people.

1 * Eyelash mannequin head 1 * Individual lashes

1 * Eyelash extension glue 2 * Lash extension tweezers

1 * Digital eye sticker 7 pairs 1 * Training lashes 5 pairs

Eyelash Practice HeadEyelash Practice Head

Lash Extension TweezersLash Extension Tweezers

Lash Extensions and GlueLash Extensions and Glue

Practice Lashes for TrainingPractice Lashes for Training

Eyelash Practice Head

Made of soft silicone rubber, no weired smell, it is smooth and soft. Simulate real human skin and eyes.

Lash Extension Tweezers

Made of high quality stainless steel, designed for professional lash extensions, grip eyelashes precisely and easily.

Lash Extensions and Glue

Specially designed for lash practice. With 5-8 sec drying time and 3-5 weeks lasting time, not too fast, suitable for lash extension beginners.

Practice Lashes for Training

Mimic natural lashes curl, length and space. Adhere directly on the lash extension practice head, no additional glue required.

eyelash extension kiteyelash extension kit

How to Use extension training kit?

1. Make sure the mannequin head is clean and apply five-point practice isolation papers on the head.

2. Apply self-adhesive training lashes to the mannequin’s eyes.

3. Trim the excess length of training lashes to make it fit the eyelid. Prepare individual lashes and glue well.

4. Use straight tweezer to separate training lash. Place the tweezers close to the base of the practice lashes. The eyelashes appear in the middle of the tweezers.

5. Grip a single individual lash or volume lash with curved tweezer to dip a little glue.

6. Stick individual lashes to the training lash deviate from the root of lashes 0.5-1mm.


with 3 Glue Rings

Tweezers Set

Tweezers Set

Tweezers Set

Easy Fan

Classic Lashes


1-2s Drying Time

Tightly Closed

Tightly Closed

Straight and Curved

C|CC|D|DD Curl

C|D Curl


8 Weeks Retention

Good Hardness

Good Hardness

Stainless Steel







High Precision




Humidity of RH 30%-70%

Appropriate Elasticity

Appropriate Elasticity




Eyelash Mannequin Head: Made of soft silicone rubber to simulate real human skin, it is soft and smooth. The hole of the eyelash practice head on the back can be easily fixed on the mannequin holder or clamp, perfect for lash extension training.
High Quality Lash Kit: Eyelash extension glue with 3 sec drying time and 4-5 weeks retention is suitable for lash extension practice. High-grade stainless steel tweezers are designed for professionals, precision tips grap the lash extensions easily, not easy to be bended.
For Beginners: Our lash extension supplies kit is the best choice for beginners to start learning eyelash extensions or perfect her lash extension techniques. Soft and self-adhesive training lashes, five-point practice isolation papers help you learn lash extensions quickly and easily.
Great Gift: A great doll gift for your daughter, cosmetology students, massagist and woman to practice making up or facial massage.
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