iCarCover 30-Layers Premium Car Cover Waterproof All Weather Weatherproof UV Sun Protection Snow Dust Storm Resistant Outdoor Exterior Custom Form-Fit Full Padded Car Cover with Straps (195″ – 204″ L)

Price: $79.99 - $75.99
(as of Jan 30,2022 08:37:36 UTC – Details)

Product Description

icarcover - keep it brand newicarcover - keep it brand new

About iCarCover

For over 19 years iCarCover has provided premium automotive accessories for car enthusiasts who care about their vehicle. We offer custom-tailored car covers, seat protectors, and many other accessories for vehicles ranging from sedans, SUVs, and more. Browse our selection now to upgrade your vehicle today.

icarcover wind resistance

icarcover wind resistance

icarcover water snow resistance

icarcover water snow resistance

icarcover uv ray resistance

icarcover uv ray resistance

Wind Proof & Anti Theft

3 Easy Buckles & Straps secures car.

Hems hold cover in place. 2 antenna patches,

1 pair grommet, and small size compact

Car Cover Bag included.

Water Proof & Weatherproof

Best Winter & Summer Non-Reflective

Parking & Hail Protector. Keeps car hood,

motor, door, window, and trunk safe from

hail, wind, rain, snow & other damages.

UV Rays & Heat Proof

Large Breathable UV Premium Layer prevents

rays from damaging vehicle exterior, paint &

interior, cooling air temperature. Non-Abrasive

Cover fabric keeps slick & glossy finish.

icarcover natural hazard resistance

icarcover natural hazard resistance

icarcover dust resistance

icarcover dust resistance

icarcover features

icarcover features

Natural Hazard

Protect your car from bird and animal droppings,

falling leaves, and other natural hazards that

may affect your car paint and exterior.

Dust Proof

Protect your car from dust and micro-dust fibers

inside and outside of your garage.


Windproof adjustable straps and extra soft inner

lining add extra protection and security for your

vehicle no matter where you are.

icarcover caricarcover car

Premium Protection For Your Vehicle

iCarCover Premium Full Car Cover protects your car

against all weather and elements year-round.

Built with added protection and durability, this cover is

perfect for any car owner who doesn’t want to keep

cleaning their car every morning.

Protect Your Car from: Dust Wind Scratches UV Rays Trees Birds And More

icarcover carrying bagicarcover carrying bag

How to Install Car Cover

Make sure surface of vehicle is clean and dryFold back side mirrorsPlace car cover over the front side of vehicleSecure car cover to front bumpersPull car cover to rear sideLock strap buckles underneath passenger doorsPull strips down firmly to secure straps

Package Includes: 1x Car Cover 1x Zipped Storage Bag 2x Antenna Patches 1x Pair of Grommets 3x Windproof Straps Front, Middle, and Rear 1x Instructions

100% Waterproof & Weatherproof: iCarCover automobiles covers provide protection during winter and are hail proof. It’s made from a premium material & protects the door, mirror and bumper from frost
100% UV Heat Protection & Scratchproof: UV protector and heat reflective layer prevents interior & exterior damage. Unlike plastic tarp, the use of non-abrasive light cotton makes your auto dust proof
100% Windproof & Anti-theft: Make your automobile model protects against wind & theft with a reveal heavy duty strap to keep the cover in place. The elastic hems are also used on the front and rear end
100% Fitted: Made with thick microfiber layer & fits perfectly on cars like transport universal vehicles, station wagon, coupe, sedan, automatic, convertible, sport cars, sports cabriolet & hatchback
100% Warranty & Extra accessories: Comes with antenna patch, grommets and top quality plastic zipper bag included for compact storage. The size of car cover ranges from small, medium to large, XL, XXL

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