JollyBard 36 Piece RPG Tabletop Miniatures Figurines – 6 Set Monster Fantasy Miniature Compatible with Pathfinder 2e Dungeons and Dragons DnD – Miniatures Bulk Unpainted Durable Small Figurines

Price: $34.89
(as of Jan 31,2022 10:02:40 UTC – Details)

JollyBard 36 unpainted multi purpose fantasy characters set has 6 pieces each of 6 unique characters from Ogre/Giant, Goblin, Skeleton/Undead, Wizard, Imp/Demon, and Gnoll/Fighter. Our set goes well with acrylics along with other paint types and each piece is crafted with high detail, and sturdy bases and bodies. Our customers love: – High quality minis that are built to last – The freedom to customize the look of their characters for their unique campaigns – The secure packaging of our hard plastic minis that are individually secured to prevent warping/damage
Premium Quality – Injection molded and highly detailed, our miniature monsters and miniature people figurines are created to last through several campaigns and stories you choose to use them in. With sturdy bases and bodies these miniatures unpainted or not will give even the toughest villains or heroes a run for their money
Unique Designs – Our original design paintable figurines set comes with 6 unique copies of 6 different characters. Fuel your fantasy campaigns with 6 goblin miniatures, 6 undead / skeleton miniatures, 6 wizard miniatures, 6 imp / demon miniatures, 6 orge / giant miniatures, and 6 gnoll / fighter miniatures
Personal Customization – Let your imagination bring your small figurines to life with miniature painting on our highly detailed unpainted pieces. Whether your tabletop rpg monster figures are fighting against heroes or even becoming heroes themselves, our figures are made to paint taking acrylic and other paints well
Safe Secure Packaging – We pride ourselves on ensuring the quality of your rpg accessories are in pristine condition when recieving your 36 piece set, so we take extra care in our piece packaging. Each of your durable plastic minis are individually secured in a custom piece mold to prevent warping and damage leaving you with the best play experience possible
JollyBard Guarantee – At JollyBard we stand by our products and offer a 60 day no questions asked warranty. If you experience any issues with your JollyBard product and you will receive a full refund. Simply contact JollyBard directly through the Amazon messaging system and we will be happy to assist you with any questions, issues or difficulties you encounter. 100% customer satisfaction is what we strive for at JollyBard

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