Cafe Flow Stainless Steel Reusable K Cup, 2-Pk by Perfect Pod | Refillable Capsule Cup Metal Coffee Filter for Keurig 1.0 2.0 K-Duo K-Slim Plus Other Select Models (See Full Compatibility Chart)

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Product Description

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The Art of Coffee Brewing… Made Perfect

Perfect Pod was established in 2005 and is based in California. For over 15 years, we have been delivering the most extensive selection of reusable filter cup options and accessories. Our brand promise is to help consumers save money and reduce waste while enjoying a better cup of coffee.


Perfect Pod Cafe Flow Stainless Steel Compatibility

Keurig K-Series: K-Mini, K-Mini Plus, K-Slim, K-Duo Plus, K-Duo Plus C, K-Duo Essential, K-Elite, K-Latte, K-Cafe, K-Compact, K-Select, K-Express Essentials

*Not Compatible with K-Supreme (Plus)

Keurig 1.0: B130, K150, K155, K1500, K140, K145, K45, K Classic,K44, K50, K55, K60, K-66 Ultimate K65, K70, K75, K-77 Select Ultra, K-79 Platinum Plus.

Keurig 2.0: K200 Series, K300 Series, K400 Series, K500 Series.

Mr. Coffee: BVMC-SC100, BVMC-KG1, BVMC-KG2, BVMC-KG6

Hamilton Beach: Flexbrew 49945, Flexbrew 49975, Flexbrew 49976, Flexbrew 49966, Flexbrew 49958, Flexbrew 49979, Flexbrew 49974

Cuisinart: SS-6, SS-300C, SS-700, SS-780PC

Breville: BKC600-XL, BKC700-XL

AC 505K, AICOK AC-505K, Mueller U-700, Ekobrew Model 40215, Mixpresso Single Serve, Chefman RJ30, RJ14 Instabrew, Mixpresso Original, Sboly Mini, Mixpresso K4SIL00, AICOK AC-507K, iCoffee Model RSS600-OPS, iCoffee Model RSS300-DAV, iCoffee Model RSS100-EXP

Instant Pod Multi-Pod Single Brew Coffee and Espresso Maker.

Why Switch to Reusable Coffee Pods?



Save Money When Using the Cafe Supreme Reusable K Cup Pod for Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker

Save Money When Using the Cafe Supreme Reusable K Cup Pod for Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker

enjoy your favorite coffee

enjoy your favorite coffee

Annually Over 10 Billion Disposable Coffee Pods end up in the Landfills

Did you know that the average American drinks at least 2 cups of coffee daily?

By replacing disposable coffee pods with the Cafe Flow Stainless Steel reusable coffee pods you will no longer be contributing to the 10+ billion used disposable coffee pods that end up in landfills each and every year.

Switch to Reusable Coffee Pods and Save up to 80%

Using a refillable and reusable filter cup from Perfect Pod saves the average user up to 80% over pre-filled, single serve coffee pods!

The small amount of coffee in a pre-filled coffee pod averages out to 40 dollars a pound, while home ground coffee used in a refillable Cafe Flow Stainless Steel by Perfect Pod reusable coffee pod averages out to around 10 dollars a pound.

Enjoy Better, Fresher Coffee

If a great cup of coffee made from freshly roasted, high-quality beans is your goal, our reusable filters are for you! Pre-filled coffee coffee pods tend to have slightly older, more stale grounds- resulting in a sub-par cup of coffee.

Using a Cafe Flow Stainless Steel allows you to brew your own single-serve cup of coffee from a fresh ground coffee beans of your choice!

For Best Results Use Medium Ground Coffee

best type of coffee grounds for reusable kcupbest type of coffee grounds for reusable kcup

How to Brew A Great Cup of Coffee using a Reusable Coffee Pod

Step 1: Choose a medium ground coffee of your liking.

Step 2: Fill Cafe Flow Stainless Steel with 2 tablespoons of coffee, leaving 1/4 from the top unfilled.

Step 3: Snap lid to close.

Step 4: Insert directly into your compatible brewer. No extra parts or adapters are required

Step 5: Brew and Enjoy!


Cafe Flow Stainless Steel can be used with or without optional paper filters such as the Perfect Pod EZ-Cup paper filters, or Perfect Pod Café Filters. Paper filters have the added benefit of a more filtered cup of coffee and easier cleanup.

4 Simple Steps on How to Use the Cafe Flow Stainless Steel Reusable K Cups4 Simple Steps on How to Use the Cafe Flow Stainless Steel Reusable K Cups


Cafe Flow Stainless Steel – Built to Last

Perfect Pod’s Cafe Flow Stainless Steel is made of high-quality durable stainless steel.Snap to close the lid fitted with o-ring for a leak-free seal fitPatented Poly-Flo Technology for a full-strength, bold brewRecessed bottom for easy fitFully tested for fit and maximum compatibility

Easy to Use – Our all-in-one reusable coffee pod and built-in filter is all you need. No extra adapter, parts, or tools required.
Make Fresh Coffee, Save Money & Reduce Waste – Unlike pre-filled single-serve coffee pods, you can enjoy a wider selection of different flavors and aromas by refilling your own reusable coffee pod. Brew a fresher, better-tasting cup of coffee. Save up to 80% over pre-filled options and eliminate unnecessary environmental, plastic waste.
Compatible with Keurig and Other Single Serve Coffee Brewers – Works with Keurig K-Mini/K-Mini Plus, K-Duo, Keurig 1.0/2.0, Office Pro, K-Series, and select Mr. Coffee, Breville, Cuisinart, and Mueller Austria coffee maker models. (*see chart for full details)

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