VIKINICY Pet Hair Remover (10 Pcs) and Lint Catcher (4 Pcs) for Laundry, Lint Remover Washing Balls Pet Hair Dryer Reusable Balls for Laundry, Lint Mesh Bag Catcher for Household Washing Machine

Price: $21.99
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Specification of pet hair remover
Size: 3.5 cm / 1.38 inches

Specification of lint catcher
Flower diameter: 8 cm / 3.15 inches
Screen opening diameter: 9.5 cm /3.74 inches
Net length of bag: 11.5 cm / 4.5 inches

Pet hair remover
Pet hair remover can be recycled. The soft hook on the spherical surface can stick some sundries on clothes. In the washing process, the friction force can be increased to make the clothes cleaner.

Lint Catcher
The lint catcher will float over the washing machine and will not sink. When the washing machine is working, the water is whirling, and some debris will be rotated to the top. When it goes down, it will be impacted into the filter screen of the lint catcher, so as to achieve the effect of collecting debris.

Usage Method
1. Put the clothes into the washing machine.
2. Put the detergent into the washing machine.
3. According to the type and quantity of clothes, put in an appropriate amount of pet hair remover and lint catcher, and normally turn on the washing machine mode.

1. Pet hair remover and lint catcher can be reused. It is recommended to replace them once a month to keep them clean.
2. For hard clothes such as coats and trousers, it is recommended to put 5-6 pet hair removers and 3-4 lint catchers when cleaning.
For underwear, T-Shirts, shirts and other soft clothes, it is recommended to put 3-4 pet hair removers and 1-2 lint catchers when cleaning.
【Pet Hair Remover】 The surface of these pet hair removers is made of nylon. The soft hook on them can collect hair, pet hair, debris and sundries from clothes. The circular design can effectively prevent the clothes from winding and reduce the wrinkles of the clothes.
【Lint Catcher】 The ultra-fine filter screen on these lint catchers can absorb excess hair, pet hair, debris and sundries into the net bag when washing clothes, so as to make clothes cleaner. It is a good helper for your life.
【Dual Effects】 Can be used with pet hair remover and lint catcher, so that the effect of hair removal is better. They are small in size and powerful in function, which can help you easily remove debris without damaging clothes. Note: Do not use pet hair remover when cleaning wool clothes. The lint catcher is not suitable for drum washing machines.
【Meet Your Needs】 10 mustard green pet hair removers and 4 red blue lint catchers are installed together to meet your daily laundry needs, and can be reused.
【Customer Service】 We provide good quality pet hair remover and lint catcher, with perfect after-sales service. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us.

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