Engine Variable Timing Solenoid Oil Control VVT Valve for Jaguar XJ8 XJR XK8 XKR XFR S-Type X-Type

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Product Description

VTC SolenoidVTC Solenoid

The variable valve timing solenoid(also referred to as oil control valve) is a component of the variable valve timing system and is responsible for opening and closing the camshaft at the right time. A VVT solenoid in good working condition will improve engine performance and fuel efficiency.


Item Specification

Item Type: Variable Valve Timing Solenoid

Overall Height: 4.8 Inches

Overall Length: 1.25 Inches

Overall Width: 2 Inches

Shaft Diameter: 0.7 Inches

Voltage: 12V

Reference Part Number: AJ810570, AJ84144, C2S4946, LRA1536BA, 918-158, VVT251, TS1127

Vehicle Information

For Jaguar:

S-Type 2003-2008 V6 3.0L Petrol SedanS-Type 2000-2002 V8 4.0L Petrol SedanS-Type 2003-2008 V8 4.2L Petrol SedanSuper V8 2005-2009 V8 4.2L Petrol SedanX-Type 2002-2005 V6 2.5L Petrol SedanX-Type 2005 V6 2.5L Petrol WagonX-Type 2002-2008 V6 3.0L Petrol SedanX-Type 2005-2008 V6 3.0L Petrol WagonXF 2012-2018 V6 3.0L Petrol SedanXF 2009-2010 V8 4.2L Petrol Sedan

XF 2010-2015 V8 5.0L Petrol SedanXFR 2010-2015 V8 5.0L Petrol SedanXFR-S 2013-2015 V8 5.0L Petrol SedanXJ 2013-2018 V6 3.0L Petrol SedanXJ8 2004-2009 V8 4.2L Petrol SedanXJR 2004-2009 V8 4.2L Petrol SedanXK 2007-2009 V8 4.2L Petrol ConvertibleXK 2007-2009 V8 4.2L Petrol Coupe

XK8 2003-2006 V8 4.2L Petrol ConvertibleXK8 2003-2006 V8 4.2L Petrol CoupeXKR 2003-2009 V8 4.2L Petrol ConvertibleXKR 2003-2009 V8 4.2L Petrol CoupeXKR 2010-2015 V8 5.0L Petrol ConvertibleXKR 2010-2015 V8 5.0L Petrol CoupeXKR 2013 V8 5.0L Petrol SedanXKR-S 2012-2013 V8 5.0L Petrol ConvertibleXKR-S 2012-2013 V8 5.0L Petrol Coupe

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YHTAUTO Affordable and Prime Variable Valve Timing Solenoid, Directly Fit
Fits Jaguar S-Type 2000-2008, Super V8 2005-2009, X-Type 2002-2008, XF 2009-2018, XFR 2010-2015, XFR-S 2013-2015
Fits Jaguar XJ 2013-2018, XJ8/XJR 2004-2009, XK 2007-2009, XK8 2003-2006, XKR 2003-2015, XKR-S 2012-2013
Reference Number: AJ810570, AJ84144, C2S4946, LRA1536BA, 918-158, VVT251, TS1127
1 year unlimited-mileage quality guarantee

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