INKEE Benbox Wireless Video Transmitter, HDMI 1080p 5.8G WiFi Live Transmission to 3 Devices Built-in Cold Shoe, 50-80m Range, Supports Android(6.0 and Above)/iOS/Windows/Mac

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Product Description


2.4G for A9 D8502.4G for A9 D850

Specification:Wireless spectrum: Dual channel WIFI(2.4G(unavailable yet)+5G)+ Bluetooth (2.4G)Range: 100m (No barriers No interference)Transmitter Power: 17dBmSignal Receiving Sensitivity: -80dBmHDMI Input:1080p@60/50/30/24fps; 720P@60/50/30/24fps; 576P@60/50/30/24fps; 480P@60/50/30/24fpsPort: Video Port; USB 3.0A Port; USB Type-CBotton: ON/OFF BottonPower Consumption: Charge the camera: <6.5W; No charge the camera: <4WBattery: 5V/2AAPP: Support IOS 8.0 and above; Android 6.0 and aboveOperating Temperature: -10°C~40℃Dimension: 77mm x 50mm x 36mmWeight: 125g







Camera Control

In addition to the image transmission function, BENBOX can also control the aperture, shutter, iso, taking photos and start /stop video recording functions of mainstream cameras through the USB interface. NOTE: For Sony cameras, it only support taking photos and start/stop video recording, not for camera parameter control.

Multi-Platform Monitoring

No need to carry a professional monitor,Support laptop, .smart phone, PAD and other devices for monitoring,It playback and editing on smart devicesNote: make sure your devices support the 5G wifi channel before place order., the 2.4G wifi channel is not available yet.

Full HDMI Port

With a HDMI port, acceptting 1080p/720p/276p/480p/at 60/30/24 fps video input, and sends out a Full HD 1080p 30fps livestream signal.

NOTE:HDMI cable not included.



cold shoe

cold shoe

Built-in Antenna with low latency

Built-in Antenna with low latency



Pocket size

Small size, metal material, only 2/3 of the size of a credit card, and the weight of the whole unit is only 125 grams.

Built-in Cold Shoe

Built-in cold shoe and standard 1/4 mount for easy mounting on any camera.

low latency

(Without Obstacle)Low latency to 150ms, fast speedNote:the latency is also related to your phone’s configuration

Built-in antenna

Built-in antenna,Simple structure, Highly Integrated,2500 mAh battery Endurance is 3.5 hours,With the use of power bank, the demandfor long time shooting can be achieved.

Camera support and function list

canon sony nikon canon sony nikon

You may want to know more about Benbox

Q:Hi, I try to connect the Benbox transmitter. However it doesn’t work. When I pair with the app, it doesn’t show video screen. I tried this with Xiaomi 10, iPad Pro, and also Samsung Galaxy S20. Does not work.A:Do not choose 4k output, it can only transfer 1080p signal.Q:I noticed it had cables for Sony and Panasonic for camera control of certain camera functions, but I did not see cables for Canon, Nikon or Black Magic. Is the BenBox compatible with these cameras and would it require a separate cable purchase if so, can you direct me to the proper cables? Your website says it is compatible with Mac,iOS but I could not find the Inkee app on the MaciOS store. How do you get it to work with Mac?A: There are 5 cables in the packing box besides the Benbox, two of them are specially for Sony and Panasonic while the others is for other brand cameras. If you use Sony camera to connect with Benbox then you can just photograph or record object because of that we have not reached a agreement of controlling certain functions with Sony yet. With Panasonic, Canon and Nikon Cameras, in addition to photograph and record you can also adjust shutter, aperture, ISO and Exposure, etc. About the INKEE APP you can download at I try to update but stops at 1% on both iOS and Android, Can I control the ISO and aperture on the Sony a6300 / a6500?A:It is possible because of bad connection of internet. check your internet connection if it is proper connected.With Sony camera one can only photograph and record due to the restriction of control function of Sony itself.

Q: It is not detecting the video feed at all through the app from my Sony Camera.A:use the dedicated cable of Sony to control the camera, one can only photograph and record by using SONY camera due to the restriction of control function of SONY company,And also select 1080p instead of 720p on the menu of App. HDMI smart output is 2K but not 4K.Q:Can you install App to MAC OS? I can’t install to my MacBook.A:For installing App to MAC OS you can come to our official site to download the APP, the link is as follow: wanted to know if the BENBOX can be charged while using? (Important questions).A:Yes, it can be charged while using.Q:Is the benbox can use for streaming?A:Yes you can connect Benbox device to a computer to receive the signal and then use the computer to stream.Q: I want to know if there’s going to be an update to use it with interlaced video, I have some cameras wich only output 1080i and would love to use Benbox with it.A:If you use camera with output 1080i maybe it doesn’t work, cause Benbox only support 1080P.Q: Do you know if the application works with the Blackmagic pocket 6k? A: NO, but it works with 2K.Q:How many devices can connect at the same time? the Bluetooth connection if for what?A:Normally there are three devices can be connected at the same time. The Bluetooth cannot work yet, hopefully in the future.

HDMI packageHDMI package

Package included

1.wireless video transmitter

2.Micro USB cable

3.Mini USB cable

4.Type-C cable

5.Panasonic control cable

6.Sony control cable

7.User guide

[4 Channels Monitoring with the help of INKEE APP]Benbox supports up to 4 channels monitoring with the help of INKEE APP at the same time.The image transmission receiving terminal supports Android/iOS/windows/Mac OS devices,which can meet the needs of multi-angle and multi-person simultaneous monitoring.Ideal for weddings, sports events, live streaming, and other complex shooting tasks.
[Camera Control]Via the USB interface, BENBOX can control the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and other parameter settings of some models of Sony, Panasonic, Canon, and Nikon cameras.(Please refer to the description on the product page for the specific model of the controllable camera.)
[Compact and Lightweight]Compact and lightweight body, only 125g,size 3×1.96×1.42 inch.And the innovative built-in spiral cold shoe can be quickly installed on the camera hot shoe, reducing interference with the gimbal stabilizer.
[High Definition Transmission] HD HDMI signal input, built-in antenna and high-performance image decoding CPU, support up to 1080P @ 60fps video signal input. Let you enjoy the high-definition monitoring experience without worrying about the shooting distance.
[Built-in Battery]Support charging while using, built-in 2500mAh lithium battery, up to 3.5 hours of battery life, support for charging the camera while controlling the camera via USB.

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