Sargent & Greenleaf S&G Model 1004-102 Spinblocker Bolt Electronic Safe Lock

Price: $106.68
(as of Apr 02,2022 10:56:02 UTC – Details)

Sargent and Greenleaf’s Model 1004 Lock incorporates advanced security features with a quick-mount keypad and two user options—making it a great choice for a home gun safe lock. With Model 1004, you get a reliable electronic safe lock at an accessible price point.
SPINBLOCKER SECURITY: We built in an added layer of security to Model 1004 with our unique SpinBlocker protection. In the event that power goes out or is cut, our Model 1004 electronic safe lock automatically relocks—without power—to make sure that your valuables stay secure. Features include: (1) Motor-driven, automatic secure mechanism, (2) Automatically locks when boltwork fully extended, and (3) Lock bolt withstands 225 lbs (1000 newtons) of bolt end pressure.
QUICK-MOUNT KEYPAD: Model 1004’s quick-mount keypad makes installing or retrofitting the lock onto your safe a simple process. Constructed with S&G’s Magic Module footprint, Model 1004 easily fits most home gun safes without added boltwork or mounting screw location changes.
MULTI-USER OPERATION: Assign two different user codes with keypad programming for greater flexibility for a home gun safe protection.
ALL-INCLUSIVE KIT: Bright CHROME Quick Mount One-Battery Keypad, Lock Body, Mounting Hardware, and Battery.

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