moretop Wireless Video & Audio Transmitter and Receiver 2.4GHz 8 Channel RCA 480P Sender with IR Remote Extender for Streaming Cable, Satellite, DVD to TV Wirelessly for RCA Cable MT-RCA20

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Product Description

Transmission range
100m/330ft 80m/250ft 150m/500mft 30m/100ft
Infrared Extender

Transmission Frequency
2.4ghz 5.8ghz 2.4ghz/5.8ghz 60ghz
Video formats supported
480p 480p 1080p 1080p
Can pass through wall

1.Avoid laying inconvenient cables in your home.

wireless av sender wireless av sender

Avoid extra cable and satellite box fees.

Use the MoreTop MT-RCA20 wireless Transmitter and receiver system to easily watch a satellite or cable box signal in another room, garage or man hole. Seamlessly broadcast your satellite/cable box, DVD player, game console or any other audio/video device to any TV or projector via standard RCA composite connection.

8 Channel frequency to avoid interference.

wireless audio video sender wireless audio video sender

Send audio and video wirelessly to your TV.

Use Moretop MT-RCA20 to easily transfer clear audio and video from one room to another. Whether it’s your favorite TV shows, Netflix movies or video games, this wireless system uses RF technology to allow you to watch everything on another TV without your own restrictions. The system has 8 channel frequencies to choose from. Matching the channel buttons on the transmitter and receiver will ensure that both devices are on the same frequency. If you have multiple 2.4GHz wireless devices, the system’s channel switching feature will help avoid interfering with other wireless signals.

3.Powerful long range signal. Easy to install and use

wireless rca sender wireless rca sender

The wireless system can broadcast real-time audio and video up to 330 feet (open space). It can also be transmitted effortlessly through walls, ceilings and floors. Watch TV wirelessly in your bedroom, basement or any other room to play clear sound and video. Directional antennas ensure optimal signal and minimize interference from other devices. The powerful 2.4GHz signal doesn’t interfere with Wi-Fi signals.

You can not only enjoy great video and digital surround sound remotely, but also control them. The IR (Infrared) remote extender wirelessly sends a remote control signal to your device. Changing channels, pausing a movie, adjusting the volume — anything that’s available works with the remote extender. Simply position the IR extender toward the device you want to control to use your device in another room.

tv transmitter and receiver tv transmitter and receiver

You can easily add additional receiver units to the MT-RCA20 system as needed. Buy any number of additional receivers to broadcast audio and video to more TVS. You can also buy additional systems and set them to different channels to play up to eight different audio and video sources – the possibilities are endless.

5.Control your audio/video equipment from another room

video transmitter video transmitter

The wireless transmitter is easy to use and can be set up in minutes. Place all your audio/video components in another room or cabinet to organize them neatly without having to install lengthy cables throughout your home or office. No software required – just plug the included RCA cable into your TV and audio/video device and get started.


Satellite/cable – Do you have a satellite/cable box and two TVS? Now you can broadcast to your other TV!

Streaming video – Download or stream movies on your media box and watch them in real time on your TV

MP3 and CD audio Music – Send your MP3 audio to any stereo in your home. Listen to your CD music in another room without laying cables throughout the house.

Wired surveillance camera – A transmitter that connects any wired camera to a wireless surveillance system

What’s Included

2.4 GHz Transmitter x 12.4 GHz Receiver With Built-In IR Extender x 1External IR Extender cable x 1110-240v AC Power Adapters x2Audio/Video Composite Connection Cables x2Quick Start Guide x1

wireless av transmitter wireless av transmitter

Specification :

IR Frequency: 38kHzVideo Resolution: 720 X 480PSignal Range: Up to 330 Feet (Obstacles/Interference Decrease Transmit Distance)Transmitter Connections: RCA Audio/Video Composite Jacks, External IR Extender JackReceiver Connections: RCA Audio/Video Composite JacksRemote Type: Infrared (RF Remotes Not Supported)Infrared Remote Control: Signal Range Up To 100 FeetBuilt-In Directional Antenna: YesTransmission Frequency: 2.4GHzSelectable Channels: 8Net wight: 8 oz ( 226g) (TX+RX)Gross weight: 21.2 oz (600g)Transmitter(Receiver)Dimensions: 4.4 X 3.4 X 0.9 InchesPackage size:48.3 x 4.7 x 3.2 inches (227 X 120 X 80mm)

2.Seamlessly transfers standard definition audio and video from one room to another without the need for messy cables
3.The powerful remote 2.4GHz signal transmits video and audio up to 330 feet (clear line of sight provides maximum range, and obstacles such as walls reduce the range to about 50-65 feet). Transmitting through walls, ceilings and floors, range/signal quality can be reduced depending on the environment
4.Change channels, play or pause your movie – control your device from another room using a remote extender
5.8 optional channels to avoid interference with other wireless devices

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