Micro Boats Wave 3 Dino Racers Series 3 by ZURU (2 Pack) Fully Motorized, Self-Steering Micro Toy Boat 25306 Multicolor

Price: $14.99
(as of Apr 04,2022 12:27:06 UTC – Details)

ZURU Micro Boats are fully motorized, self-steering speedboats that perform full 360° doughnuts and automatically reverse when hitting a wall with the latest micro-robotic sensor technology! Race in all four directions with an amazing scale speed of more than 200 miles / 320 kilometers per hour! Its smart technology allows Micro Boats to save battery by going into sleep mode after a certain time of activity! To activate its motor simply put it in contact with water and it automatically dashes forward! Set its rudder in different positions to perform tricks, take turns, and much more! Face exciting challenges and set new challenges. Race a friend, or perform crazy stunts in different environments, such as the pool, a bathtub, a sink, or any other body of water! The horizon is the limit! Micro Boats come in different colors and models so you can collect them all and expand your fleet!
Performs Stunts and Tricks
Reverses When Hitting a Wall

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