Roswheel Portable Top Tube Bag Bicycle Front Beam Storage Pouch Road Bike Stem Mount Pannier

Price: $18.99
(as of Apr 04,2022 18:28:02 UTC – Details)

Name: Breaking wind Tube bag
Model: 121343
Material: Tear jacquard fabric
Capacity: 0.4L
Waterproof: Anti light rain
Color: Black
Weight: 78g
Origin: China
Roswheel 121343 *1
Streamlined design, break through air resistance, reduce riding burden.
Break through technical difficulties, using SRN42/SRN210 light fabric, 30% lighter compared to the same polyester material.
Food grade aluminium foil lining for providing the energy glue, energy bar a safety and intimate storage space.
Adjust the fastener tape to fit your bike tube.
Non-slip leather at bottom help to secure the bag in place and reduce the burden of cycling.

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