Wisesorb 5 Gram Food Grade Clay Packs, Environmental Protection Bentonite Clay Dessicant Packets, Montmorillonite Moisture Absorbers for Food Storage, Desiccant Dehumidifiers WiseFresh 60 Pack

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(as of May 24,2022 21:53:50 UTC – Details)

Environmental Protection Premium Quality Natural Montmorillonite Clay-Montmorillonite desiccant utilize natural montmorillonite as raw material. Montmorillonite has stable chemical and physical characteristics and is non-toxic and non-hazardous. It has premium absorption and purifying functionality. Its moisture absorption capacity is stronger than silica gel desiccant in low humidity
High Strength Filter Paper Packaging Material / Melt Sealing-Premium quality packaging material prevents oil while maintaining breathability and remaining dust-free. Surface of desiccant is flat and smooth, free of breakage. Printing is clean and clear, with no dirt or stain. Utilize melting sealing to ensure rigid seal, so as to make it easier to be pushed into packaging bag
Food Grade-Production of product in strict accordance with national standards Due to Food Grade, clay dessicant are completely safe to be in physical contact with any food, medicine, diagnostics reagent and health care products. This is a natural and safe desiccant with premium quality.Therefore, it is widely applied in low oil food such as tea, longan, dried vegetables and fruits, spices, puffed food, etc
High Moisture Absorbing Capacity & Widely Used-At 77℉/25℃, RH40%%, the granules can absorb more than 17% of its weight in water vapor. Each granules is 1-4mm in size. Clay Packs can protect any enclosed / sealed storage space such as medicine bottles, pill bottles, reagent bottles, safe, ammo cans, ammo boxes, tool box, 3d printer filament sealed plastic storage box, weapon case, closet
Nice Sized Dimensions / Package Includes-The dimensions of each 5 gram clay dessicant packets is 2.76” x 1.77”. Package Includes 60pcs The dimensions of each 5 gram clay dessicant packets. A ziplock bag sealed outside is convenient for you to use and store

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