Procion Mx Dye Bright Green 1 Lb

Price: $38.37
(as of May 28,2022 14:07:23 UTC – Details)

This 1 pound jar of Bright Green Procion MX cold water dye by Jacquard is a concentrated dye that is permanent, colorfast and washable. Create a palette of brilliant colors on all natural fabrics including cotton, rayon, linen, silk , wool, paper, reeds and wood. One of the most versatile dyes on the market Procion MX can be used to tie dye, batik, airbrush, hand paint, print and more. A 1oz bottle can dye more than 5 yards of fabric or about 9 shirts. Instructions on jar. Made in the USA.
Concentrated dye powder
Colorfast and permanent
Use for various applications
1 pound jar of Bright Green
Made in the USA

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