dICE Misri Crystal 800gms, Dhaga Mishri, Mishri Sugar Crystal, Thread Mishri, Pure Thread Crystal Rock Sugar

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Misri (candy crystal sugar) is made from the solution of sugarcane (ganna) Crystals were grown as a result of cooling supersaturated sugar solutions. Rock Sugar or dhagewali Mishri as it is known in Hindi is a tiny, crystal, unrefined form of sugar. This dhaga mishri is nutritious candy also known as Bhura sugar or Khand in other parts of the country is made after evaporating sugarcane juice and is a healthy substitute for the normal table sugar. In case of Sugar, been refined and added with chemicals such as sulphur, caustic soda and phosphoric acid that are heating in nature. Mishri Dhage wali is unrefined form of sugar. Mishri is taken with fennel seeds after a meal its refreshing taste acts as an energy booster and prevents the sluggish mood How to use: Make the whole crystals into smaller pieces of your required size. Remove thread (dhaga) if any, and further make it into powder in grinder as per use. You can use crystals directly while preparing tea, coffee, mithai, sweet dishes, kheer, etc; as heating melts the crystals sugar. Dhaga mishri (Crystal Sugar) should be stored in cool and dry place and air tight jar, box or container for better shelf life. Mishri is the preferred choice of sugar as it is healthy and unrefined when compared to normal table sugar. It has a unique taste that goes well with all the traditional sweets, even chocolates and other confectionaries.

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