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Discord and Dissonance

In the world of music, the dictionary meaning of harmony is ‘a combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect.’ With a slight change of verbiage, the same could be said for color.

We all love a pleasing effect, but there is also a case to be made for discord and dissonance in musical progressions that provide drama, intrigue, mystery, and other emotional components to the sound of music. Likewise, discordant colors can provide unique color combinations, surprise the eye, provide whimsical new approaches to an object, subject, or product while expressing specific ideas and concepts. Advertising, packaging, display, fashion, cosmetics, and theatrical settings have certainly made good use of attention riveting discord.

Color and Mood


Delectable is a sugary palette of sweets inspired by the retro goodies of childhood. Necco wafer assortments blend with double-dip pistachio and strawberry atop a waffle cone trimmed with pastel sprinkles, cotton-candy carnival pink and root beer floats, chocolate pudding and fluffy vanilla cupcakes. These are the hues that are pleasant reminders of happy times, special occasions, and delicious treats that continue to please as we grow into adulthood. The names might have changed as the flavors have morphed into equally colorful gelatos, smoothies, and gourmet coffees, but the promise of sweet memories remain.


Tropical is a palette immersed in the colors that take us away to an idyllic location, whether real or fanaticized. The palette is awash with a wide assortment of blue and blue greens, while the names of the colors themselves speak to our desired destinations. There are the translucent Hawaiian ocean or Bermuda blues, crystalclear blues and deeper lagoon blues. There are vivid turquoise scuba-diving blue greens, and sprays of aqua, tidal foam, and beach-glass greens illuminated by a refreshing splash of icy lime. Coral reefs and the ever-present sunlit yellows provide the warming touch to this palette, promising an island paradise.


Venerable is a palette that speaks to a certain heritage, one that is a bit more formal and historical in nature. Another word that is frequently used to describe this palette of colors is ‘traditional,’ although traditions are most frequently based on culture and country. Holding on to some vestige of the past is deeply satisfying and reassuring to many. This is an ‘old school’ kind of appeal, one that is rooted in deep to mid tones of colors such as: navy and cadet blue, regimental red, maroon, mahogany, hunter green, antique gold, mallard, teal, London fog, and gunmetal.

Personal Colors: What do they say about you?

If you like green:

Nature’s most plentiful color promises a balance between warmth and coolness, so green people are usually stable, balanced types. You are the good citizen, concerned parent, involved neighbor-the joiner of clubs and organizations. You are fastidious, kind, and generous, especially with your time, and, you’re a good listener.

It’s important for you to win the admiration of peers, so you have been called a ‘do-gooder.’ You are a caring companion, a loyal friend, partner, and family member and are supersensitive about doing the right thing and embracing a cause you feel is right. You can occasionally get a bit preachy. You are intelligent and understand new concepts, however, you are less inclined to risk something new than to do what is popular and conventional. The worst vice for a green is the tendency to gossip. Are you a little green with envy?

If you dislike green:

Since lovers of green are usually very social types, those who dislike green often put those qualities down. You may have an unfulfilled need to be recognized that causes you to pull away from people rather than joining them. You don’t like thinking, looking, and doing things the way you see the majority of people thinking, looking, and doing them. Company picnics, cocktail or office parties, and conventions in Las Vegas, are not your thing as you are a bit ‘aloof.’

Biliousness and certain bodily functions are often associated with yellow green, as are snakes, lizards, dragons, and various other creepy-crawlies. Did something slithery frighten you as a child?

Inspiration for Color Names

The inspiration for color names can come from many sources, among them.

Natural Phenomena: golden haze, bleached sand, moonstruck, cedar green, molten lava, cosmic sky, violet storm, lunar rock, tidal foam, twilight blue, canyon clay.

Flowers, Vegetation, and Woods: wisteria, periwinkle, golden poppy, iris orchid, cherry blossom, cornsilk, lichen, driftwood, mahogany, eucalyptus.

Minerals, Gemstones, and Metals: coral quartz, alabaster gleam, amber gold, amethyst, lapis, emerald, blue granite, silver lining, medal bronze, black onyx.

Animals, Birds, and Fish: timber wolf, iguana, chocolate lab, flamingo, mallard green, nutria, mourning dove, white swan, robin’s egg blue, lamb’s wool, shrimp, koi.

Geography: Aegean Sea, Bordeaux, London fog, Rio red, Hawaiian surf, Bombay brown, calypso coral, Sedona sage.

Food and Drinks: lemon zest, pesto, pureed pumpkin, baked apple, tender greens, chanterelle, mocha mousse, frosted almond, caramel cream, fine wine, rum raisin, daiquiri, martini olive, mango mojito.

Spices, Herbs and Dyes: coriander, ginger root, cinnamon stick, paprika, cumin, curry, basil, saffron, chili pepper, raw umber, blue indigo, tannin, cadmium.

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