[120 Pack] Pencil Top Eraser Cap Erasers Toppers For Pencils Tops, School Erasers Heads For Kids 120 Pcs – 5 Colors

Price: $4.99
(as of Jul 04,2022 09:20:41 UTC – Details)

These SHKIBY Arrowhead Eraser Caps will finally set you free from smudges. Thanks to a smear-resistant, latex-free design, they remove mistakes so thoroughly the only person who will ever know they existed is you. This fresh, clean finish makes these pencil cap erasers the perfect partner for essays, exams, math problems or anything else that comes your way. They’re a handy addition to the toolbox for school children, adults who prefer to work with pencils, teachers, artists, architects and many more. The design is classic and easy to install on top of any standard-sized pencil. if you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-use pencil top eraser that gets the job done, this item is a good choice.
100% latex-free and smudge-resistant eraser will keep your pages fresh and neat.
Clean finish is perfect for exams, essays and everyday writing. They are also a trusted choice for standardized tests.
Sharp corners and flat face help you erase both fine details and large areas.
Pencil cap erasers are good choices for everyone from students to serious artists.
If these pencil top erasers don’t live up to your expectations, please let us know. You take NO RISK when you purchase with us. But we’re betting you’ll fall in love with these Arrowhead Eraser Caps , and a team of wild horses couldn’t get them out of your hands and make you send them back. You’ll probably order MORE!

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