Pinewood Pro Derby Car Weights Tungsten Cubes 2oz Total Weight, Twelve Cubed Weights for Highest Speed to Make Fastest Derby Car

Price: $12.95
(as of Jul 14,2022 17:41:27 UTC – Details)

Tungsten Cubes are the easiest type of weight to pack in the tightest space of a pine derby car.  Unlike tungsten cylinders, tungsten cubes can easily sit side by side or on top of each other to form the tightest concentration of weight in the small space of a wood derby car.

  • Each Tungsten Cube is 1/4″ (.25″x.25″x.25″) and weighs exactly 4.8g (.167oz)
  • Precise weight placement in a wood derby car results in maximum speed.
  • Tungsten is 1.7x denser than lead, which means tungsten is 1.7x smaller than lead. Tungsten is 2.7x denser than zinc.
  • Tungsten is child-safe non-toxic.

Technical Notes: – This is Class 3 tungsten alloy, with 95% pure tungsten.
Each tungsten cube is 4.8g (.167oz) for compact weight placement
Twelve 1/4″ tungsten cubes for total of 2oz of weight
Tungsten is child-safe and non-toxic

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