RC73 IR/RF Universal Wireless Genie Remote Control Replacement Compatible with DirecTV HR34/HR44/HR54 DVR Satellite Dish Receiver

RC73 IR/RF Universal Wireless Genie Remote Control Replacement Compatible with DirecTV HR34/HR44/HR54 DVR Satellite Dish Receiver

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Product Description

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Fix volume, channel changing, and other remote issues

The Genie remote uses light to send the signal to the receiver. If anything is blocking the receiver, this can affect the functionality of the remote. We recommend having the receiver placed in an area that is free and clear of obstructions.

To test battery strength, press and hold any button on your remote.

If you see:

A solid green light – the batteries are strong.A fast blinking green light – the batteries are okay but may need to be replaced soon.A slow, blinking green light or no light – your remote needs new batteries. Remove the battery cover and insert two new AA batteries.

Check that the remote is set to control your DIRECTV receiver.

Press and hold the ENTER button for three seconds.A Source menu appears to change your TV’s input.Select the DIRECTV receiver’s input source. For example, HDMI 1: Satellite Receiver, may be the name of the input. Try different inputs to find the one set up for your TV.

Pair remote with your receiver

Is nothing happening when you press GUIDE? Make sure your remote is paired with your receiver.

Point the remote at your Genie, Genie Mini, or Wireless Genie Mini.Press and hold MUTE and ENTER at the same time on your remote.The screen displays Applying IR/RF Setup. The remote is synced.

Key Features

Model RC73 Technology Uses both infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) technology Compatibility Genie Remote is compatible with Genie receiver model HR44 or above Ergonomic Design Almost 20% smaller than our standard Universal Remote Fewer buttons and streamlined layout.

rc73 smallrc73 small

Receiver and remote control reset

If the buttons on your remote are not responding, try resetting the receiver and remote control. Reset a receiver

On most DIRECTV receivers, there is a red button on the side of the receiver or inside the access card door.Press and hold the red button until the receiver restarts.

Note: Are you unable to locate the red button? Unplug the receiver’s power cord from the electrical outlet. Wait 15 seconds before plugging it back in. Reset a remote control If restarting your receiver didn’t help, try resetting the remote control:

Press MENU on the remote.Arrow down to Settings and press SELECT.Go to Remote Control and press SELECT.Select Pair/Program Remote. Depending on your setup, this may be automatic, or you may have to enter codes into your remote. Use the code lookup tool to find the 5-digit code.

If that didn’t help, try resetting the remote to its default factory settings:

Press and hold MUTE and SELECT together until the light flashes three times.Press 9, 8, 1 and SELECT. The remote flashes four times and should now reset.

Perfect for Genie Receiver


Genie Remote is compatible with Genie (model HR44 or above), Genie Lite (model H44 or above), Genie Mini (model C41 or above), 4K Genie Mini (model C61K or above), and Wireless Genie Mini (model C41W or above) in RF mode—no need to point. It’s also compatible with all DIRECTV receivers and DIRECTV Ready TVs in IR mode (requires pointing at the equipment).

Compatibility: RC73 IR/RF Remote Control compatible with Direct TV
Stable Performance: Strongest Signal by Infrared Technology, Covers All the Functions of the Original Remote. Farther Transmitting Distance over 10 Meters/33 Feet.
Fast Response: Soft Touch and Anti-dusted Buttons. Fastest Response Not over 0.2 Second. Supports over 150,000 Clicks Approved by Tests.
Compatible Receivers: HR20 / HR21 / HR34 / HR44 / HR54 and C41 / C51 / C61 client
Features: The RC73 Genie Remote replaces the RC71 and RC72 with better support for new TVs
Helpful Tips: Functionality of the Remote Control is the Same as the Original. You Do Not Have to Set / Pair the Remote Control at All, After Inserting the Battery, It Immediately Works.

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