[10 x 8 Duct Hole] Vent Cover. 4 Way: Aluminum Curved Blade Adjustable Air Supply HVAC Ceiling Diffuser. with Multi-Shutter Parallel Blade Damper, Allowing for Airflow Adjustment [11.6 x 9.6″ Face]

Price: $26.90
(as of Dec 06,2022 16:29:53 UTC – Details)

The ceiling diffuser with mobile blades (L-CL) is a diffuser to be installed on ceilings, drop ceiling panels or drywall. Supply air direction set to 4 way (forward, bach left and right); its mobile blades allow the user to graduate the air diffusion cone. Its use is domestic and commercial applications, it can be installed in bedrooms, meeting rooms, commercial premises, offices, corridors, and other spaces for which it is suitable.
[Measurements]: Always measure the wall or ceiling opening to confirm which size you should order. With this product the hole measure should be at least 10″W x 8″H to fit. Do not measure your old grille. Always measure the Width(W) first follow by the Height(H). Each grille has a front end frame which will overlap at sidewall or ceiling joining. The total outer size of this grille is 11.6″W x 9.6″H
Single deflection adjustable vertical blades allow to graduate the air diffusion on dispertion to right and left or both. Injection or supply or air directed anywhere in a single plane, Allows control over the airflow right, left and or front. Multi-Shutter Parallel Blade Damper. High Airflow
The front is Color White, and the back is the original color grey. Extruded aluminium construction, ALUMINUM AA6063. Rust free high grade aluminum, making the diffuser strudy, light and easy to install. Coated in High-resistance electrostatic white paint finish. Powder-Coat Finish – Smooth, Shiny, Scratch-Resistant.
All the components are noise free, all our products are packed in a plastic bag independly with a corner protection, helping to avoid damage in shipping, All our grilles have the screw halls on the frame and all the grills include the screw for easy installation, they have a white head screw color, same than the grill, The painting technology warranty a durable finish, Scratch resistance
It can be used as domestic and comercial properties, it can be installed in bedrooms, meeting rooms, and comercial premises, offices, corridors the adjustable, and others
Laminaire S.A.S is a latin american company that was created in 1984, initially as a manufacturer of grids, diffusers, and accessories for the HVAC market (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). Over time, we have developed aluminum imported products for fronts, solar control, ceilings and bioclimatic applications with functional, standard and custom architectural designs.

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