KoveYzao 56-290 cm Ultra Long Invisible Carbon Fibre Selfie Stick for Insta360 Durable 4 Selfie Stick with Adjustable Length

Price: $31.99
(as of Mar 23,2023 04:34:31 UTC – Details)

Product Description


xfhhfdd Adopting Durable Carbon Fiber

Made from upgraded carbon fiber, more light and durable, farewell to traditional aluminum alloy

sfsafasfa More Safety Rotary Lock

When you need to extend the rod, turn left to unlock. Needing to fix the height, turn right to lock

fvsasafsaf 1/4 Thread Screw & Hole

The thread screw supports phone clip and cameras. The bottom hole supports stand, tripod and belt

发撒发撒萨法 Auto Hide When Taking Pictures And Recording

When taking pictures and recording, it will be auto hidden, for Insta 360 ONE and other sport camera

AFFSA Four-section Adjustable Length

There are 4-section lengths available and the longest length allows you to have a wide angle

1 Carbon Fiber Material 2 Lock & Unlock System 3 1/4 Screw Connectors 4 Automatic Invisibility 5 Telescopic Length

kjjkjkbjkbkbkjjkjkbjkbkb Riding & Cycling

When cycling and you wanna record videos, just install it on the camera belt, and it will record every wonderful action and landscape along the way.

asffaasffa Street Hobbies

It is a good selfie stick for young people who likes street sports, like roller skating, skateboarding, parkour,… to record the wonderful moments.

asfasfsaasfasfsa Outdoor Sports

If you are a photographer or backpacker who likes outdoor adventure, this rod will be favored by you to capture the panoramic scenary along the way.

afasfaafasfa Group Photo

If you are traveling with your family or friends, the extended length will offer you wide angle, which is convenient for you to taking group photos.

Videos From The Perspective of Four Seasons

There are different outdoor activities throughout the year, such as mountain climbing and camping in spring; Surfing and parachuting in summer; Cycling and travel in autumn; Skiing and skating in winter. With this camera selfie stick, let’s record every wonderful moments and enjoy the outdoor fun!!!


Is the length of this selfie stick adjustable? If yes, how many sections does it have and what is the maximum length?

There are 4 sections you can adjust, they are 60cm(23.62″), 137cm(53.93″), 212cm(83.46″), and 295cm(116.14″), where the the maximum length can achieve wide angle. Besides, its weight is 220g/0.5lb, and is easy to carry.

Can this selfie stick be used for my Gopro Camera?

Sure, our extended rod supports Gopro camera, but the product we sold doesn’t have mount for Gopro camera, and you need buy it separately. In addition, our pole can also suit for camera of Insta 360 ONE, Sony, DJI, Canon, etc…

When not being extended, there will always be a noise inside the selfie stick as long as I shake it. What’s the matter?

Please don’t worry, this is normal. Because the selfie stick has four adjustable lengths, when it retracts back to the inside, there will be a collision sound. If you don’t want to hear this sound, just remember not to shake it.

When taking photos or recording, can this selfie stick be hidden automatically?

Yes, it will be invisible automatically. However, this function is only applicable to cameras with automatic invisibility. That is to say, as long as the camera supports the automatic stealth function, our self-timer can realize automatic hiding.

The description says it has lock and unlock functions. Can you explain the specific operation to me?

There is a rotating button in the center of the selfie stick for extending and locking. When you extend it, turn left until it reaches the desired length, and then turn right to lock it, so that this length will be firmly fixed, ensuring stability.

🔥【Automatic Invisible Selfie Stick】 – This outdoor selfie stick has the function of automatically hiding when taking pictures or shooting, which saves you the time to remove and modify the selfie stick in the photo later. Through advanced algorithms and compatibility, the selfie stick perfectly disappears from the camera’s sight. (Please note this function suits for Insta 360 ONE Series and other camaras that support this function)
🔥【Top and Bottom 1/4 Screw Connector】 – There are screw connectors on the head and tail of the selfie stick. Its head interface can not only be compatible with cameras, but also can be equipped with phone clips and mobile phones. The port on the bottom of it can be connected to a tripod, camera belt and other holders, making it a stable stand for your phone and camera.
🔥【4-section Length Adjustment】 – When the selfie stick is not opened and extended, it is about 23 inches, which is very convenient for you to carry. When extended, it has 3 sections different and 1 section original adjustable lengths to accommodate different viewing angles. Therefore, when you are outdoors, you can adjust the length according to different needs in order to take photos and videos that you are satisfied with.
🔥【Durable and High Quality Material】 – The Insta360 Selfie Stick is made of high quality carbon fiber, so it has great durability and toughness. It can be applied no matter what kind of scene or weather you are in, which will greatly improve the quality and efficiency of taking pictures or photography.
🔥【Necessary for Outdoor Action Cameras】 – This adjustable selfie stick has wide compatibility and is suitable for most action cameras and mobile phones, such as Insta360, Gopro, Xiaomi, DJI, Sony, etc. When you experience extreme sports outdoors, such as skydiving, rock climbing, bungee jumping, skiing, etc., you can hold the selfie stick high to take photos and videos in a wider range of angles (panorama). Or even take group pictures with friends or family.

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