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PocketBook InkPad 3 | Large 7.8ʺ Glare-Free & Eye-Friendly E Ink Technology | Touchscreen | Wi-Fi | Text-to-Speech Function | Audio Output | Audiobooks | Adjustable SMARTlight | Micro-SD Slot

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Price: $239.00
(as of May 27,2023 11:20:07 UTC – Details)

Product Description

7.68 x 5.37 x 0.31 Inches 6.35 x 4.25 x 0.31 Inches 6.3 x 5.51 x 0.39 Inches 7.68 x 5.37 x 0.31 Inches 9.3 x 6.81 x 0.31 Inches
Memory storage capacity
16 GB 16 GB 64 GB 16 GB 8 GB
Screen size
7.8 Inches 6 Inches 7 Inches 7.8 Inches 9.7 Inches
7.9 Ounces 5.5 Ounces 8 Ounces 7.9 Ounces 13 Ounces
Connectivity technology
Bluetooth, USB, WLAN Bluetooth, USB, WLAN Bluetooth, USB, WLAN Bluetooth, USB, WLAN USB, WLAN

Text-to-Speech function: can voice any text document in one of 16 available languages

Color screen: capable of displaying 4096 colors

Built-in speakers

Read anywhere with SMARTlight: the reading process becomes even better thanks to the adjustable SMARTlight technology, which helps to regulate the brightness and colour temperature of the screen. Choose the warm or cool tone of the frontlight depending on the daytime and the lighting level.
Listen to any audio content: enjoy audiobooks or music on the e-reader, which plays audio files in 6 popular formats. Pair the device with wireless headphones or speakers via Bluetooth, or use a micro USB audio adapter to connect the e-reader with devices via audio output.
Audio versions of any text files: the Text-to-Speech function is very useful for all audiobook fans, as it allows the e-reader to read any text file aloud with a natural-sounding voice. Just turn on Text-to-Speech and enjoy an interesting book anywhere.
Create your personal library: the e-reader supports 25 popular text and graphic formats, so you can read your favourite books without conversion. With 8 GB internal memory and a micro-SD slot, there’s plenty of space to create a library of thousands and thousands of books. Buy content anywhere, thanks to Wi-Fi, and manage your library with cloud services.

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