Retropie Extreme Edition Raspberry Pi 4 Retro Console Kit – Over 130,000 Games Over 60 Consoles and Arcades Retro Game Console – Retro Gaming

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Price: $349.95
(as of May 27,2023 09:45:12 UTC – Details)

The latest and greatest is here. Extreme Retropie Console – featuring over 130,000 of your favorite Retro Classic Games.
Over 60 of your favorite consoles and arcades. No duplicates or fillers, only the best of the best! Quite a few consoles are complete libraries
Featuring the incredible CRT Effect. Lets face it, retro games were never meant to be played on modern televisions.
With the CRT Effect, the games look like they should – not a pixelated mess.
Enjoy all your favorite classics with your friends, family and kids!
Two wireless controllers make it easy to play, without being limited by cables.
Nothing to program, nothing to configure. Hook it up and you’re off to the races!
Lifetime Updates and Support
Proudly assembled in the US

256GBs packed with over 130,000 Retro Classic Games. Over 60 Consoles and Arcades.
Fully Plug N’ Play – HDMI Cable, Power Cable & Two Wireless Controllers Included
All your favorite consoles and arcades! From SNES, GENESIS, N64, PS1 and many more! No duplicates!
CRT Effect – Games look like they’re suppose to! No more pixelation!
Two Wireless Controllers (Batteries not included) – Supports up to Four
Assembled in the US with US Customer Support

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