GameNext Mini Game Console Childhood Video Game Consoles Built-in 620 Games with NES Dual Controllers Handheld Game Player Console Classic System Edition Plug & Play For Kids & Adults

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Product Description

Retro game console by GameNext


Retro Game Console – Bringing Back The Classics

At GameNext, our mission is to bring back one of the most beautiful periods in your life with old-school games that will keep you entertained and happy while reminiscing those fun video gaming sessions with your friends. We rely on retro designs and high-quality materials to deliver a vintage entertainment console to share endless moments of fun and a classic gaming experience with your loved ones!

Mini classic game system, play simple games without advertisement or additional cost.


Retro Game Console Classic Mini Edition

This mini classic TV game console awakens the fond memories of adult childhood in the 1980s and 1990s. Over time, the value of this gift will increase. Memories are the most precious!!!

Plug and Play Video arcade console not only allows you to experience the new game with the latest equipment but also makes you revisit memories of the old game, finish the challenge you never finished when you were a child!

Retro Mini Game Console Size

Lots of fun!!







If you want to relive the good times and pass sweet dreams on to your kids, take this little gift

No topics to communicate with children? Why not introduce your favorite mini classic edition 620 games to them? Share your happy memories with the classic games, which enhance intimacy with your kids or your peers. The preloaded game console will be a great holiday gift or birthday gift.For those who are new to the classic mini retro game console: this is an 8-bit retro game console with simple controls and the picture quality is not as crisp as today’s games. You may not get used to the classic at first, but many classic games are still challenging.The operation way is ancient. The interfaces are not cool…Well, that was how we had great fun, and that is our childhood memory. If you are looking for something fashionable and high-tech, don’t choose it. If you want to relive the good times and pass sweet dreams on to your kids, take this little gift. It may not be as great as the one in your memory, but we hope to bring you back in childhood, even for a moment.

How does the controller works? and it’s size

One controller not working? Let me explain to avoid any confusion.

The right side is the main control port, and operations such as selecting the game, pausing, and exiting should be done by the right controller. The second controller(left) is designed to work only in the game.

Can’t enter the game?

Demo screen, use the “select” button instead of the “up and down” button control. “Start” to enter the game

Controller Size, Length & Console Size:

Game Controller size & length: 4.9inch length | 2.1inch width | 0.6inch height | cable length 56inchGame Console size: Approx.13*10.5*4.5cm

Best gift for Kids & Adults for Birthday, Christmas, New Years, Valentine or any occasion!

Give suitable gifts to brothers/friends and share happy game time with them.

The game console makes a great gift option for all occasions. It is suitable not only for children, but for adults as well. The games included in this console can be played by people belonging to multiple age groups.

Classic TV game consoles, let your children experience your growth experience and happiness, promote your communication and emotions with your children. The retro game console is the best gift for kids and adults!

Included Accessories


1. GameNext game console is AV output, kindly make sure your TV/screen has AV input ports before making your purchase.

(to find out if you have AV output, turn on your tv, on your tv remote controller click “source button” If you see AV it means you have that option.

2. Built-in 620 games, No need to insert cards or download games.

3. In order to relive the memories of childhood, the texture of the game screen and the touch of the gamepad have completely restored that era!

4. The game console does not have the function of saving game progress; when exiting the game, all progress will be zero!

5. You may find some duplicate games in it. That’s because the games are different versions and have different fun!

6. Pls use left / first port to select and start games.

Includes all necessary cables;

No internet connection or game cards needed;

Plug and play;

Amazing gift for adults and children;

Go back in time for a classy gaming experience with our retro game console!

🌞❤【Childhood Classic Games】Hundreds of games are built in, including the most classic video games, such as: Super Mario Bros 1, Street Fighter, Donkey Kong, Contra, Tetris, The Legend of Zelda , PAC-MAN, Dr. Mario, “Rockman”, “Final Fantasy” and so on. Please note our system gets updated every few months with new games so our game list may change anytime. Our goal is to give you the most popular games that are in demand. Also, our game list is better than our competitors
🌞❤【EASY TO SET UP】 Support AV output interface, clear image and more convenient connection, suitable for NTSC / PAL-D TV system, so you can easily enjoy live and interesting video games on the big screen.(NOTE: Make sure your TV/screen has an AV input port.)
🌞❤【Mini Handheld Game Console】This 8-bit gaming console Easy to operate – Great for retro action games. Mini size – easy to use, easy to hols and easy to store. AV Output, you need to connect to your TV, and then Play!
🌞❤【The Best Gift】Perfect for adult or kids of all ages as a birthday gift. Creat a happy childhood memories by playing with the whole family. Mini classic game console is a good choice as Christmas gift, New Years gift, boyfriend / girlfriend gift, Thanksgiving/ Valentine’s Day/ Mothers Day/ Fathers Day gift.
🌞❤【Contact Us Directly】NOTE THAT: the second controller of the mini console is designed only to work during games. Operations like choosing games, pause, and exit should be made by the main controller. If you are not satisfied with the mini game consoles, please contact us directly. We can replace a faulty product or refund, and always online to quickly solve problems for you. Your satisfaction is our greatest expectation.
🎮【🌞IMPORTANT QUESTION OF THE YEAR🌞】 Controller Length is 56inches / 4.6FT Long | Game Console Size: Approx.13*10.5*4.5cm

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