4K Waterproof Camera Underwater Camera 64GB Card Included in the Adapter Dual Screens Selfie 48MP 16X Digital Zoom Digital Camera Fill Light 11FT Underwater Camera for Snorkeling Kids with 2 Batteries

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Product Description


Why Our 4K Waterproof Digital Camera is a Good Choice for Your Family Vacation and Underwater Adventures?

4K Video & 48MP Picture: The picture and and video quality allows for stunningly clear and detailed footage.Auto Focus: Press shutter button halfway down to focus, the yellow focus rectangle will turn green.Lightweight & Compact: It is small and convenient enough to carry in a pocket very easily.As a Webcam: Connect camera with computer by USB cable then choose PC Camera option.Waterproof up to 11ft: The IP68 waterproof can take videos and pictures while you snorkeled.No need for a Waterproof Case: Compared with other underwater cameras, ours make it easy to take with you anywhere.Dual Screen Design: You will like the selfie-mode features with 1.7” front camera– great for under water selfies.Out-of-the-box: Comes with camera, 2pcs rechargeable and replaceable batteries, 64gb micro SD card (The card was inserted in the large adapter), carrying bag, strap.

The Underwater Camera has 2s/5s/10s Timer for Selfie








16X Digital Zoom

The waterproof digital camera takes a wide range 4K ultra HD video and 48mp picture, which has 16X digital zoom capability to capture the interesting moments when shooting and recording.

Time-lapse Video

The time-lapse and slow-motion modes allow for more creative expression. The time-lapse feature will take every photo at set intervals then convert all the images into one video.

Image Stabilization

The image stabilization of waterproof camera would be a great option in order to walk, run or take out on hikes, you will get a relatively clear image as it followed your movements.







Great Battery Life

The underwater camera comes with two batteries hold a good charge for continuous recording. The 4k camera still records when you have the camera plugged into a charger or power bank.

Continuous Shooting

The digital camera will continuously shoot 3pc photos. Especially as the kids favorite features, it meets them young picture capturing interests and lets them share everything nature has to offer.

Face/Smile Detection

The 4K digital camera offers auto focus to detect the human face and automatically take a photo when capturing smile, it is useful for you to want to get the one moment someone grins.


44 Never Miss the Surrounding Beauty

Trsunow is dedicated to provide high quality camera and professional customer support. We are focused on customer shopping experience, any issue you have we will help you fix it the best we can.

Package Included: 1x 4K Underwater Camera 2x Rechargeable Batteries 1x 64GB Micro SD Card( Inserted in the Adapter) 1x Power Adapter & USB Cable 1x Wrist Strap & Carrying Bag 1x User Manual & Quick Guide

Give You Incredible Peace of Mind to Enjoy Excursions!

Warm tips:

Please insert Micro SD card to take and save photos, and format card before using for the first time.Please make sure the battery door was closed before entering the water.You have to rest the date and time when you replace the rechargeable battery.Please rinse camera in fresh water after each use in salt water.The fill light function can be turn on and stay on to lighten the image quality in dark light.We advise that you purchase a floating strap to attach to the waterproof camera if needed.
Rear Screen Size: 2.8 Inch(640*480) IPS HD Front Screen Size: 1.7 Inch(240*280) IPS HD Digital Zoom: Auto Focus 16X Digital Zoom Photo Resolution: Up to 48MP Video Resolution: Up to 4K Water Resistance Depth: 11FT Rechargeable Battery: 700mAh Support Max 128GB (64GB included)

The 4K Waterproof Camera Work as Well Out of Water for Everyday Use



How to Insert the Battery, Micro SD Card, and Plug in the Charging Cord?

Note 1: The Micro SD card was inserted in the large adapter; don’t think it’s not there because of the empty space in the plastic case. Simply pull it out of the adapter when you’re ready to insert it into the camera.Note 2: We have removed the adapter of new shipment in case customers cannot find the SD card, so it is normal if you don’t receive the adapter.

The compartment where the battery and memory card is housed was difficult to open at first, please takes quite a bit of force to move it, once you get the hang of opening it, it’s easy to use.

Tips: Refer to the instruction video by scanning the code of Supplied Quick Guide.

Slide the little and slippery latch to the side and hold it, meantime press thumb of another hand to push down on row of ridges or whole door and slide it toward the outside edge. In any case push down hard while trying to slide the cover forward, at least the first time. If it is difficult, you can use a tool to push the door open.

🏊【11FT Waterproof Snorkeling】 The underwater camera for snorkeling is waterproof up to 11 feet, making it an ideal choice for those who love to explore the under water creatures or water vacation, especially for the beginner snorkeler, amateur or kid. The digital camera has the added benefit of this being resistant to deeper water even though no waterproof case.
📷【Dual Screens & Selfie Mode】 The waterproof digital camera is featured with 2.8 inch(640*480) and 1.7 inch(240*280) IPS dual screen, swapping to the front facing display to take selfies and get the same quality photo regardless of which screen you use. The unique feature of having a second screen for selfie mode makes it a very convenient travel camera.
🏂【Lightweight Travel Camera】 The portable waterproof camera is lightweight and durable, which is convenient to put in a pocket or a suitcase. The underwater camera works great as a normal and shoot camera to record swimming, snorkeling, rafting, kayaking, skiing, hiking, etc, allowing you to take videos or pictures under the water and on land.
🙇【Nice and Solid Camera for Kids】 The underwater camera is easy to use and intuitive, the kids easily figure it out who love taking pictures in the pool and beach. This 4K digital camera is great for everybody but especially children who have tons of energy and runs around a lot so having a kids waterproof camera that is sturdy was important.
☎️【Focus on Customer Satisfaction】 Be assured that Trsunow customer support team endeavors to assist our valued customers with any issue you have encountered. We appreciate that you don’t hesitate to contact us on Amazon or support email on user manual, we are responsive to provides 18-month replacement and lifetime reliable warranty.

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