Kawaye Head Strap with 7500mAh Rechargeable Battery Compatible with Meta Quest 2, Double Knob Comfortable Head Strap for Meta/Oculus Quest 2, Enhanced Support & Comfort Head Strap Accessories, MQ2001

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Price: $49.99

Product Description

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【 Double Knobs to Adjust the Head Strap Size 】There 2 knobs at the top and back of the head, which can adjust the headstrap size, allowing you to more precisely place the headset on your head. This head strap larger head support and is suitable for adults and children. The dual knob design can easily adjust to the most comfortable state, making the headset more suitable for your head and increasing your gaming immersion.
【 Improved Side Straps 】After more than 10000 bending tests, the battery head strap still remains unbroken. You can use the head strap with confidence. The head strap for oculus quest 2 is made of upgraded polymer material, which is incredibly strong.
【 Comfortable Head Strap with Soft Head Support Cushion 】Comfortable cushion with soft, skin friendly fabric and internal slow return cotton cushioning, making the head strap more comfortable and reducing facial pressure. This VR headset strap for Oculus Quest 2 is really comfortable even if you use it for a long time.
【 Useful Flip Design of Head Strap 】Easily flip the headset without removing the VR head strap. You can have the option to just flip the headset up if you need to get a drink or see something quickly.
【 Adjustable Top Strap 】Adjust the top strap to your most comfortable position. The head strap for meta quest 2 is designed to be as comfortable as possible for the player. This will allow you to play for a long time.

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