Flydigi B6X Magnetic Cellphone Cooler, Powerful 20W Intelligent Frequency Conversion Temperature Control, Prevent Condensate, Larger 36x36mm Cooling Area, Portable Cooling Fan for Phone/Tablet/Ipad

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Price: $59.99

❄[Intelligent Temperature Control to Prevent Condensation]: There are two adjustment modes: intelligent variable frequency and manual adjustment. When using the intelligent variable frequency function, the fan speed and power can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature of the current environment, which can effectively prevent 95% of condensation, protecting your phone.
❄[Magnetic Phone Cooler, Compatible with MagSafe]: This magnetic phone cooler features a magnetic adsorption design that is easy to use and install. When in use, it easily attaches to the phone and the magnetic force is moderate, so it will not fall off or damage the phone, nor leave scratches. It can be seamlessly connected via MagSafe and is perfectly compatible with all iPhone 12~14 series iPhones (the package includes a magnetic sticker for use with Android and tablet devices).
❄[Larger Cooling Area, Quieter Operation]: The Flydigi B6X uses the best semiconductor cooling sheet and is covered with a layer of high thermal conductivity silicone pad. The 36 x 36mm semiconductor cooling plate design has a larger cooling area and up to 20W of power. Combined with Flydigi’s unique Flyice suspension cooling system, it can achieve excellent cooling peak performance. Even when operating at full power, the noise level remains below 37 decibels.
❄[Mini, Safe, Portable, and More Features]: Innovative cold and hot isolation structure, safe and waterproof, no short circuit, and long service life. The metal mesh design can prevent the fan blades from scratching hands and effectively prevent hair from being sucked in. It weighs only 93 grams and is small and portable. Please search for “Flydigi” in the App Store or Google Play Store to download the Flydigi APP, and experience more features, such as light adjustment, mode switching, and more.

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