Dreametech Replacement Accessories Parts, Accessories Kit Compatible with D10s Plus Robot Vacuum, 1 Main Brush, 2 Side Brushes, 3 Filters, 3 Mop Cloths

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Dreametech specializes in the R&D of smart home appliances to make intelligent and healthy lifestyles easily accessible to global consumers. It has pioneered a series of innovative advancements including high-speed motors and multi-cone cyclone separation technology.

With user-focused service, Dreametech responds rapidly and make decisions based on the needs of user. It does the utmost to ensure every product is reliable and trustworthy.

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L10s Ultra Robot VacuumL10s Ultra Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuum and Mop

High-quality TPU material brush shaft, matched with nylon bristles with a length of 31mm and a diameter of 0.2mm*.
Replacement filters, super adsorption to capture microorganisms and microparticles 0.3 microns and larger in diameter.
Washable mop pads have powerful water lock seals in dirt and grime.
The replacement parts are compatible with D10s Plus robot vacuum, The package includes 1 main brush, 2 side brushes, 3 filters, 3 mop cloths

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