Gatuida 2pcs Computer Phone Holder Magnetic Laptop Phone Mount Laptop Side Mount Clip Laptop Stand for Lap Computer Side Mount Clip Adjustable Aluminum Alloy Phone Stand to Rotate

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Price: $17.20

Package List
2 x Laptop Phone Holder

-Size: 12.00X3.00X0.50cm/4.72X1.18X0 Phone Laptop Stand.
-Color: Silver cell phone stand holder
-Material: Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Smartphone Stand
-Share with your friends and family as it is a practical storage stand tablet stands.
-The small storage holder is convenient to carry with you, which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed tablet stand.
-The magnetic laptop phone holder can be convenient for you to store smartphone stand.
-The multipurpose stand can be used for mobile phone and various tablets Magnetic Laptop Phone Holder.
-Made of good and sturdy aluminium alloy material, durable for long lasting use Laptop Phone Stand.

Goods Information
kick stand for phone It without being easily damaged.smartphone stand This product is a laptop phone holder.cellphone stand It is safe and durable.Laptop Holder It is an excellent laptop phone holder that can bring you convenience, allowing you to have a more comfortable experience.Magnetic Laptop Holder It is made of premium materials

Adjustable tablet stand: fine workmanship make this tablet stand more and can be used for a long time.laptop phone grip
Computer monitor expansion bracket: perfect for dual screen interaction, efficient office and home working experience.
Magnetic rotary laptop holder: the product is small enough to put into your handbag, very portable and convenient.
Tablet mount: wide use range, perfect for watching video, video chat, studying and etc.

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