HEALEEP 2pcs Computer Stand Laptop Rack Adjustable Laptop Stand Laptop Cooling Rack Laptop Stand Bracket Folding Laptop Holder Stand for Notebook Mini laptops Desk Notebook Stand Silicone

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Price: $13.99

Package List
2 x Laptop Stands

– Material: ABS, silicone Folding Laptop Holder.
– Size: 4.80X4.70X0.70cm/1.89X1.85X0.28inch computer stand.
– Color: Black computer stands.
– This laptop stand is very easy to use, giving you a lot of convenience Portable Computer Holder.
– The perfect workmanship of this laptop stand will give you an excellent use experience desktop stand.
– You can send it to your families and friends as a gift, they will be happy Desktop Notebook Holder.
– The product is in a simple design, but it is very useful and practical Ergonomic Laptops Elevator.
– Made of great quality material, it is durable and safe for long lasting use Laptop Rack.

Goods Information
notebook stand Prevent from overheating and crashing when you use laptops or keyboards for a long time.laptop holder The laptop stand can be installed to the bottoms of nearly all kinds of laptops/Desktop computer keyboard, Foldable Laptop Cooling Stand without blocking the air outlets

Laptop bracket– this mini stand is not only suit for laptops but also work good with computer keyboards.
Laptop stand mount– the stand feet can resist pressure without bending or flexing when you type or play games, and it’s also easy to open and close.
Portable laptop riser for desk– the open and minimalist design of the stand and the material increases airflow to help keep your notebook running cooler.
Portable computer stand– the product is in a simple design, but it is very useful and practical.

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