Raidmax Aureola H704 ATX Mid Tower Gaming Case with 2X Static RGB Light Fans, Tempered Glass Side Panel, Magnetic Dust Filter, USB 3.0, Compact and Budget Case

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Price: $59.99

Product Description



Raidmax is a brand that was developed specifically for gaming. Twenty years of consistent efforts in the gaming market, investing resources in research and product development. We have added 80+ certified power supplies, cooling fans, water cooling systems, and gaming chairs to the original computer cases. Mechanical keyboards and professional-grade microphones are also on the plan.

Gaming caseGaming case

Gaming Case

Raidmax is well-known for its gaming cases, which have cutting-edge designs and are also very affordable.


Stylish Appearance – H704

120mm dazzling light effect fan in the front panel produces stunning visual effects while cooling your system. The LED fans are made of pure copper and have LED lights with precise fan blades that last a long time. Controlled by a button located above the case, it can also connect to the ARGB motherboard to synchronize the light transformation.


Easy Maintenance – H704

The airflow pinhole design improves general heat dissipation ability. A well-organized I/O panel offers a wide range of complementary products. H704 has a unique magnetic dust filter to make maintenance straightforward.


Be Your Own Hero

There is a high chance that you will want to upgrade your computer every once in a while. Raidmax products are excellent choices for appearance, functionality, and good value. We have all the puzzles that you need to assemble your modern computer. Be confident and be your hero in your game.

Tempered glass side panel – You can get grandstand view of everything here. Whatever gaming hardware, custom cooling, and anything you can put inside the case is shown in a panoramic view through a fully complete tempered glass side panel
Pre-installed 2 rainbow fans – Pre-installed 1 rainbow fan in front and 1 rainbow in rear create air convection. You may option 2x 120mm on the top.
Magnetic dust filter – Magnetic dust filter on the top of case easy to maintenance.
Simple elegant design – plain fornt panel with 3 different surface texture creat simple but elegant beauty

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