Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit,11 in 1 Universal 20x Telephoto Lens,0.63Wide Angle+15X Macro+198°Fisheye+2X Telephoto+Kaleidoscope+CPL/Starlight/Eyemask/Tripod,for Most iPhone Smartphone (Black)

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Product Description

Bostionye iphone lensBostionye iphone lens

mobile zoom Telephotomobile zoom Telephoto

Tips for using clips —— Tripod operation skills —— Compatible device

Phone Camera LensPhone Camera Lens

Key details description — (requires special attention)

The process of installing a telephoto lens, please carefully do each step:

Note: Devices using two cameras (such as iPhone double camera) need to be installed on the main camera (the camera on the left) to shoot, without the need for covering two cameras.

For mobile phone models of other brands, we only need to cover one of the main cameras. Which is the main camera lens? You can turn on the camera function and use your finger to block the rear camera lens one by one. The main camera lens is the one that is blocked by your finger. You only need to cover this lens for subsequent operations.

The use process of the telephoto lens requires special attention.

phone camera lensphone camera lens

1: First use the clip (the circle in the clip is movable) to align the phone lens, (as shown in Figure 1), tighten the screw-remember to tighten the screw here to fix the clip on the phone.

After fixing the clip, gently put the telephoto lens into the clip, so that even if the installation process is completed, the next step is to adjust the sharpness.

2. When adjusting the sharpness, you can let go of the phone and directly hold the position of the telephoto lens with your left hand (as shown in Figure 2), and then adjust the sharpness with your right hand.

3. (As shown in Figure 3) This is the position to adjust the definition. According to the place you want to shoot, watch the phone screen and adjust it to the clearest position (a little bit rotate the circle of the telephoto lens to adjust to the clearest vision. can). Remember to adjust here, do not hold the phone in your hand, hold the telephoto lens for adjustment, so as not to shift the telephoto lens on the phone, which will affect the shooting.

For the iphone 12 pro Max-iphone 13 pro Max, the two triple-camera phones, the current conclusions are as follows:

Instructions for using the camera lens of iphone 3Instructions for using the camera lens of iphone 3

If the product requirements are extremely high, it is not recommended to buy.

Remember: With more and more triple-camera phones on the market, the lenses of some new phones will affect each other, resulting in no display effect after using the telephoto lens.After installation, you need to adjust the phone screen from 1X to 0.8X to achieve the best results.Different phone – may require different operation, please feel free to ask.

Renderings show

0.63x Super wide angle Lens0.63x Super wide angle Lens

15x Macro Lens15x Macro Lens

198° Fisheye Lens198° Fisheye Lens

0.63x Super wide angle Lens

Can effectively increase the shooting range of 50%-90%,suitable for portraits and landscape photography,captures a wide range of scenes with excellent resolution and clarity.

15x Macro Lens

The effective focusing distance is 2-3CM,shooting tiny objects,discover the beauty of detail; it’s perfect for shooting close-ups of insects, jewelry, coins, plants, etc.

198° Fisheye Lens

The fisheye lens captures large scenes and provides a circular aquarium effect for your images. This will take you into a stunning fantasy world.

2X Telephoto Lens2X Telephoto Lens

CPL Mobile Phone LensCPL Mobile Phone Lens

Starburst LensStarburst Lens

Kaleidoscope LensKaleidoscope Lens

2X Telephoto Lens

It can shoot farther scenes and bring the object closer to 2 times, which is the visual effect of the telescope, making the distant scene clearer.

CPL Mobile Phone Lens

When taking pictures outdoors in the sun, the polarizing filter can eliminate harmful reflected light and improve the clarity and expressiveness of the image; for example, the reflected light caused by water and glass.

Starburst Lens

Point star cross screen light filter for Phone Camera Lens creates points of light,like”stars,”streaking outward from a central light source.This can make lighting within the scene take on a more glittering,glamorous appearance.

Kaleidoscope Lens

For example, if you take a small angle, you will see another pattern of flowers. As long as you keep spinning, the pattern will change constantly.

★11-in-1 most complete mobile camera lens kit★:Bostionye phone camera lens kit is perfect for exploring more advanced mobile photography and Videography.Includes 8 lenses:20 times telephoto lens,0.63X wide angle Lens, 15X Macro lens, 198°Fisheye lens, 2X telephoto lens,Kaleidoscopes, 4-line star filter, CPL Filter.Auxiliary equipment:universal clip, tripod, eyecup and Bostionye storage bag。 (Note: macro lens and wide angle lens are screwed together).
★With unique features★: 20x telephoto lens (fixed focus)-magnifies distant subjects and clearly presents long-distance vision. 198 ° fisheye lens-create interesting and unique circular mysterious effect pictures. 15x macro lens-Alignment lens for shooting flowers, insects and other small objects (optimal shooting distance: 1 to 3 inches).0.63X ultra wide-angle lens-capture a large field of view to get an amazing angle of view (The wide-angle lens should be used with a macro lens).
★Create surprise★:The unique functions of each small lenses can be seen in detail in the auxiliary picture display.tripod for easy shooting,An eyecup also allows you to use the telephoto lens as a monocular or a telescope.It is a good companion in the tourism industry and a favorite of animal observers.NOTE: It’s recommended to take off the phone case when using the lens since it may cause unstability while shooting.
★The kit is suitable for use on my phone?★:The lens kit works on 99% popular cell phones on the market. If the distance from the center of the camera(the phone has only one camera) or the main camera(two or more cameras) to any edge of your phone is less than 2.2cm, then the kit will work on your phone.How to know which is the main camera: block the camera one by one with the camera app on, the one you see a blockage there is the main camera.
★Best Gift Choice & 100% Satisfaction★:A phone lens kit that will provide you an extraordinary experience to capture wonderful moments in your life. The kit is fully equipped and packed in a storage box (can be carried by hand), this lens kit would be a very nice gift choice.Your satisfaction is the most important thing for us. Don’t be hesitate. Thrill your family and friends with Bostionye phone lens right now!

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