Rolling Square Aircard Wallet Tracker – Bluetooth Wallet Finder Find My Network Compatible with Business Card Feature NFC/QR Code – 0.09in Slim

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Crowdfunding community

We began as a crowdfunding project and have since evolved into a fast-growing startup with 12+ successfully funded campaigns.


Tech minimalism manifesto

Our minimalistic design culture leads us to pursue functional beauty. We are tech minimalists, we design for tech minimalists.



We design products that are used to create new market niches, disregarding the traditional categories imposed by the market.


About us

Our core innovation team is based in Switzerland, near the cozy Lake Lugano, but we have team members all over the world. We never stop searching for problems to solve and are constantly thinking about how we can improve people’s lives through design and technology. We love what we do and the community of like-minded people with whom we interact every day.

How did we get started?

Rolling Square began as a crowdfunding project in 2014. Crowdfunding remains our proof of concept and the basis for our principal product launches.

Why “Rolling Square”?

A rolling square is a solved problem. That’s our mantra and the foundation of our design process. This mindset breeds innovation, and innovation breeds genuine, unedited hype.

What’s your vision?

We aim to remove barriers between people and technology, creating intuitive products that fade into the background and seamlessly improve our daily lives.

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inCharge – where it all began

inCharge was launched as our first-ever cable and quickly evolved into a series of universal cables that revolutionized the industry.

Never Lose Your Wallet: AirCard, a sleek and slim Bluetooth tracker, works on Apple’s Find My network, allowing you to locate your wallet anywhere in the world using your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook’s Find My Network app
Find It With Sound: Using the Find My app or Siri, prompt your AirCard wallet tracker to emit a sound that is 20% louder than an AirTag and will help you quickly locate your wallet, whether it’s hiding nearby or buried deep in your bag
Left Behind Reminder: Our wallet tracker for men and women allows you to receive immediate notifications through Apple’s Find My app, if you accidentally leave your tracker device behind; Share your device’s position with up to 5 people
Digital Business Card: Featuring a visible QR code and a NFC tag connected to a custom profile, the AirCard allows you to create and share your own digital identity with links to your top contacts and social media accounts
High Level Engineering: Aircard has been designed through numerous trial and error to achieve a super thin and durable profile. It has a CNC aluminum body and robust 9H glass explosion-proof coatings, which ensure strength and subtlety without hindering the Bluetooth signal. It also offers RFID protection and has an IPX6 water resistance rating; AirCard comes with a nonreplaceable battery that last up to 2.5 years

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