SinoTrack Digital GPS Speedometer Universal Heads Up Display for Car 5.5 inch Large LCD Display HUD with MPH Speed Fatigued Driving Alert Overspeed Alarm Trip Meter for All Vehicle

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SinoTrack Heads Up Display GPS Speedometer

SinoTrack Speedometer for CarSinoTrack Speedometer for Car

Why choose our Universal Car Heads Up Display?

SinoTrack technology team is committed to developing products for car enthusiasts and we never cease to offer our customers cost-effective products such as the Digital GPS Speedometer for Car.Not only is it designed to allow drivers to see their speed and driving time with a flat view while driving, but most importantly it is equipped with speeding alerts and fatigue alerts for driver safety, making it an essential safety accessory for car travel enthusiasts/people who need to drive for long periods of time.SinoTrack car speedometer HUD equipped with an HD LCD display. Unlike traditional HUDs, which need to be projected on a transparent sheet to view the data, traditional HUDs will affect the clarity in strong sunlight, which is not conducive to driving safety.An unexpected and creative gift: you can give it to someone you care about as a holiday gift, as a partner gift, or as a Father’s Day gift, it also can be a car accessory gift for yourself.


The working voltage of the speedometer is 5V, it is forbidden to use a voltage higher than 5V as the power supply.Please do not use high voltage or fast charging to charge the product, otherwise, it will affect the product’s life and normal use.

Any connection or installation doubts about the product will solve by the SinoTrack team, we will provide a solution to your satisfaction.

Convenient, High-definintion, Multi-functional GPS Heads-up Display Compatibility for All Vehicle

GPS Heads-up DisplayGPS Heads-up Display

How to set it for getting a more accurate display?

Connect the HUD display to your carThe satellite is flashing and searching for a starWhen the satellite stops flashing, press the key button and hold to enter setting item 6 to adjust the calibration local timeCheck if the speed unit is accurate, you can go to item 5 to set the speed unit to MPH/KMH, i.e. “1”/”0″Fine-tune the speed to be accurate:

About the value of 107, long press the wheel key to enter the first item, and we can see the default car speed is 107.If the speedometer shows faster than the car dashboard speed meter, then 107 needs to be reduced downward(107-?)If the speedometer shows slower than the dashboard, 107 needs to be increased upward(107+?)The difference in value will be adjusted by how much. For example, if the car dash speed display “19” mph and the SinoTrack speedometer shows”13 mph”, then you can enter the 1 setting item and toggle the wheel key to the right to increase the parameter value “107” to 113 (107+6), then press and hold the wheel key vertically to save and exit, the speed calibration is complete.

SinoTrack HUD Display Speedometer Features

2 Alarm functions2 Alarm functions

HD Display AnytimeHD Display Anytime

Intelligent Technology ClipIntelligent Technology Clip

OverSpeed Alarm& Fatigue Alerts

Speed alarm after speed reaches the set default value of 150MP/H;

Fatigue alert after driving continuously for more than the default value of 4.0 hours;

Default values can be changed manually, over-speed setting (0-250), continuous driving (1-8)

HD Display Anytime

Equipped light-sensitive screens with an automatic dimming function, which auto-adjust makes the display very clear in daylight/night/bright light/low light conditions. You also can enter the setting “4” to set the specified brightness.

Intelligent Technology Chip

Professional scheme design makes the performance more powerful: high-performance processing chip, super performance and compatibility, dual-running memory, and dual-core processor to ensure smooth high-speed operation

Wave Button OperationWave Button Operation

Value Adjust by Wave Button

Short press in: switch the display mode (confirm the option after entering the setting)Long press in: enter the setting, short press in to choose the menu, after adjusting, long-press in to save and exitPress left: switch vehicle speed and driving direction angle (move option after entering setting)Long press left: when you hear Didi turn off the buzzer, again turn on the buzzerPress right: switch time, satellite number, travel distance, travel time, acceleration time per 100 kilometers (move option after entering the setting)

Multifunctional SinoTrack Heads Up Display Speedometer for Car

Satellite time Satellite time

Vehicle Satellite Altimeter Vehicle Satellite Altimeter

Travel Time CalculationTravel Time Calculation

Mileage MeasurementMileage Measurement

Satellite time

Satellite automatic time service, no difference in every second, not affected by natural factors such as weather

Vehicle Satellite Altimeter

The altitude is collected by satellite and is not affected by natural factors such as weather. Very high positioning accuracy

Travel Time Calculation

Shows the time have been driving, providing important driving data during a car journey so you can make next move

Mileage Measurement

Calculate the distance from the point of departure to the point of destination, know your driving travel distance

Package includes:

Product AccessoriesProduct Accessories

Product Troubleshooting

1. The screen without any display, and no power

Check whether the USB cable is damaged, replace the USB cable for testing, and prohibit the use of voltage higher than 5V for the power supply

2. Without car speed

After HUD power-on, the satellite icon flashes will start to find the satellite. Please drive the car to the road. It will work after it stops flashing

3. Time adjustment

After the satellite icon is flashing and the satellite is found, long-press in to enter the setting, short press in to turn to 6, adjust and calibrate the local time

4. Inaccurate speed

a. First, check whether the speed unit is correct or not, the speed unit includes KM/H and MPH, please refer to the setting to switch the unit.

b. The car manufacturers usually make the dashboard speed 5-7% higher than the ECU. The international standard is based on satellite data. (if the dashboard shows 100, and the device shows the 105, change the default value to 102)

5. Driving direction display error

After the vehicle speed exceeds 5KM / H, the direction can be displayed normally.

6. Speed is still displayed after the car stops

Under the underground parking lot, tunnel, and under the overpass, there will be unstable satellite drift when there is obstruction.

7. Turn off the buzzer

Press left for 2 seconds to turn off the buzzer, again to turn it on.

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6.6 x 1.6 x 1.7 inches; 2.82 ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ ST-HUD-G3
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ April 21, 2022
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ SinoTrack
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09XM96H87
Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ China

GPS Speedometer Display: Extra large 5.5 inch screen can display the most important MPH data and driving time/mileage/time/direction at the same time, two scales show the speed and the number of satellites respectively, the compass in the middle gives you the direction, satisfying all your data needs during the driving process
Driving Safety Alert: What is the most important thing about driving? As we all know, life safety is the first, speeding and fatigued driving are not allowed, our car overspeed alarm HUD has two important reminders, speeding alert and fatigue driving alert, when the speed exceeds your set value, it will emit a ticking sound to remind you so as to reduce the speed; driving time over 4 hours will remind you to need a short break, a caring safety butler during the journey
HD Data Display: Equipped with an automatic light-sensitive screen, no need to adjust manually, it will automatically adjust the most suitable display brightness according to the external light, whether in the daytime or at night you can get the clearest data, no longer worry about the problem of not being able to see the display when the sun is strong
Technology Processing Chip: SinoTrack digital GPS speedometer hud build-in the chip super performance and compatibility, dual-running memory, and dual-core processor to ensure smooth high-speed operation which offers the data to help your car travel life, effectively reducing the problem of data delay, real-time follow up driving speed
Easy to Use& Warranty: One key operation, press for 2 seconds to enter the setting menu, short press to switch the display mode, left to switch the speed and driving direction angle, right to switch the time, number of satellites, driving distance, driving time, etc. Not only do we offer a quality auto heads-up display but also 2 years warranty and 24 hours online service, please feel free to contact SinoTrack Team
Warm Tips: As most of the HUDs GPS speedometers on the market show, they can only show the current mileage driven. Because it depends on the car power supply to work, it can’t keep the previous distance data when the car is turned off, and can’t accumulate the total distance driven with the power off.
Brightness Auto-sensitive & Manual Adjustment: The default setting is auto-sensitive brightness. Since the sensor brightness is adjusted by the light level of the small hole on the back of the display, when the sensor hole is blocked, the brightness will be reduced.
How to get the highest display brightness? 1. long press the wheel button to enter the setting menu. 2. short press the wheel button to enter the 4th setting, and adjust the value to “11” to achieve the highest brightness. 3. short press once to confirm the setting.
Perfect Gift for Family and Friends: SinoTrack GPS speedometer HUD can greatly improve his convenience in car travel, and every time he enjoys the usefulness of the speedometer, it will remind him of your heart, the value of gifts reflected again and again.
Warning: The working voltage of the speedometer is 5V, it is forbidden to use a voltage higher than 5V as the power supply. NOTE: Please do not use high voltage or fast charging to charge the product, otherwise, it will affect the product’s life and normal use.

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