Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone with Extendable Selfie Stick and Tripod, 1-Axis Multifunction Remote 360°Automatic Rotation, Auto Balance for iPhone/Android Black

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Product Description


The 1-Axis GIMBAL STABILIZER FOR SMARTPHONE is born for filming your live. Everyone can direct his/her own interesting VLOG.

This junior Single-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for smartphone is suitable for novices,We don’t recommend use it as a professional stabilizer.

Grip the gimbal, go out to record & share what you saw & how you feel about this world, without hesitation & fuzzy.Everyone can be a director easily.

Do you have the following troubles:

1. You want to record scenery you see when you ski, skateboard, and drive on the road, but the road is so rough that the video is not clear.

2. You want to professionally shoot the scenery and the wide range of changes over a long period of time, but there is no professional equipment or the equipment is too heavy to carry.

3. You want to shoot yourself a VLOG, but you haven’t found a small professional device which is easy to operate, automatically follow you, and record your life naturally and smoothly.

Get a gimbal stabilizer, your troubles will no longer exist.

· None of shake – No matter how rough the road you are walking, no matter how fast of your speed, just keep you video stable and record every moment without missing. Your life is so wonderful that should not be missed by the shaking footage.

· Support many kinds of advanced shooting techniques – The Gimbal Stabilizer intergrates many functions, which can help you create professional VLOG with just phone!

gimbal stabilizergimbal stabilizer

gimbal stabilizergimbal stabilizer

gimbal stabilizergimbal stabilizer

Become a tripod

When opened from the center of the bottom of the handle to the outside, it transforms into a tripod stand, ideal for shooting on a table or on the ground. In addition, the tripod is a magnetic structure and opening and closing are very easy. You can shoot remotely with one button within 10m and can freely adjust the angle of your smartphone

Switch from horizontal to vertical level

Easily horizontal to vertical level to mount your phone in order to take every selfie shot or live your story without any limitation.

Unexpected Low-Angle Shot

Thanks to the gimbal stabilizer upside-down detection and rotation technology, the smartphone gimbal stabilizer can rotate your phone You can shoot with your phone even at the extremely low angle such as beneath the subject and look straight up at it.

gimbal stabilizergimbal stabilizer

cell phone gimbal tripodcell phone gimbal tripod


Not need APP installation, Can use to 2H continuous

After installing the smartphone, A remote control is a possible connection to achieve stable shooting. The stabilizer battery capacity is 450mAh, it can be used for more than 2 hours to shoot your creative photography. Also, when the stabilizer battery is exhausted, you can use it as a normal selfie stick by manually turning the rotary lock button of the stabilizer in the lock direction and tightening it.

72CM Extension Bar

72cm extension for fantastic filming, group photo.227g net weight, lightweight structure and design, the back TPU package, gives users the most comfortable holding experience, more comfortable getting professional-quality videos and photographs.

Selfie Stick Mode

The Selfie Stick Mode is able to make a gimbal stabilizer as a selfie stick, with more possibilities on the demands of photo taking, the specific design allows you to lock the motors and use the gimbal even it is out of battery.

gimbal stabilizergimbal stabilizer

gimbal stabilizergimbal stabilizer


Pocket-Size Gimbal

With the lightweight design, The gimbal stabilizer is only 0.5lbs. You can put this smartphone gimbal even in your pocket and bring this gimbal stabilizer anywhere. Enjoy recording your specular moments with this iPhone gimbal without any burden.

Protect Smartphone Button

This product comes with a silicone rubber case to avoid the contact button. If the customer touches the button of the smartphone while using the smartphone horizontally, the product will not operate normally. In order to prevent touching the smartphone button, please use the parts.

All in One Gimbal

You can also be a Professional Director, From fast moving action, like sports, to vlogs and interviews, to documentaries and independent features, the gimbal stabilizer design sophistication and convertibility make it a unique production tool.

gimbal stabilizergimbal stabilizer

The most cost-effective stabilizer: a single-axis motor with a high-precision motor that can maintain a horizontal state, super anti-shake, Can take photos as you walk, automatically correct the shaking of your hand to prevent blurry shots, and can produce high-quality video and animation. It can meet the basic needs of most users. Compared with the three-axis price, it saves 2/3 and is the most cost-effective mobile phone stabilizer.
Anti-shake selfie stick with stable function: Built-in single-axis motor, 360-degree remote control and automatic rotation, Can always maintain the horizontal state, Solve the problem of hand shaking during filming, no longer have to worry about the photo blur, output high-quality video. the detachable remote make it possible to take all-in family photos for memorable events, also works great for video conference/interview, Travel, make little videos,Vlog,Youtube,Tiktok, live streaming, etc.
Mobile phone tripod: Open the handheld part of the stabilizer and place it on the desktop to become a mobile phone tripod.Adjust the height of the four-section aluminum alloy rod to choose the right position for you. Watch the video, shoot the video,Featured with beauty retouching, enlarge your charm in the video.
With multi-function remote control:The Bluetooth wireless remote control adopts a tripod-integrated card slot design, does not require an extra APP, can be used just by connecting to a smartphone, and can shoot even at a distance of about 10 m. Short press/double tap/long press the clockwise or counterclockwise rotation adjustment button, the stabilizer can be rotated at 90 degrees, 360 degrees, and any angle, which is convenient to use.
Pocket-Size Gimbal:With the lightweight design, weighs about 227 grams and measures about 20 centimeters in length,making it easy to hold in your hand, You can put this smartphone gimbal even in your pocket and bring this gimbal stabilizer anywhere.With a small body, three functions including selfie, mobile phone tripod, and handheld stabilizer,No longer have to worry about too much luggage when traveling, it will not become a burden at all.

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