Fitness Tracker, Fitness Watch with Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Monitor, Steps Calories Counter, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer 50 Meters Waterproof, Smart Watch for Android iPhones

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Product Description



Complete Fitness Tracking

Multiple Modes: Adapts to various workouts with its diverse exercise modes.

Detailed Daily Tracking: Records steps, calorie burn, walking distance, and active minutes precisely.

User-Friendly: Default modes are running, walking, and cycling; additional modes available in the app.

Detailed Operation Guide

1) Enter sports:

Click the sports icon > select the sports type > enter the sports countdown automatically.

2) During sports:

Pause sports: short press the right key;

Restore sports: short press the right key.

3) End sports:

End sports: long press the right key> select the end button on the screen.


Easily monitor your health with our smart watches.


Heart Rate Tracking:(Automated Monitoring) Your device is configured to automatically monitor your heart rate every 5 minutes, indicated by a periodically flashing green light. (Manual Monitoring) If the intensity of the green light is too much during nighttime, switch to manual monitoring mode using the app.Blood Oxygen Monitoring: Measure your blood oxygen levels so you can better understand your physical condition.Sleep Monitoring: The watch automatically monitors your sleep at night to help you understand your sleep quality and thereby improve your lifestyle.Women’s Health Care: The App has a female cycle tracking function, records and predicts women’s menstrual cycles, and sends intelligent notification reminders to provide considerate care.



1. What APP does the watch work with?

Only compatible with VeryFitPro APP.

2. Install the APP:

Configure your watch using the VeryFitPro app for iOS or Android.

You can download the free VeryFitPro APP on Google play or the App Store.

3. Bind process:

1) Turn on the Bluetooth and GPS on your mobile phone.

(Common Error: Don’t directly pair the watch via phone Bluetooth settings.)

2) Find the binding request on the pull-down list on the home page of the APP.

3) Select the searched product model.

4) Click “Ok” to complete binding.

In daily wear, the watch can detect all kinds of product data. The user needs to connect the watch with bluetooth on the APP before synchronous operation. (Please Notes: please synchronize the data at least once within 7 days to avoid data loss at the watch end.)

4. Is it necessary to keep Bluetooth enabled while wearing the watch?

1) For the three functions, i.e. counting steps, sleeping and alarm clock, you do not need to connect the watch to the mobile phone all the time. If you only need to wear a watch when you exercise, you can connect the watch and your mobile phone to view the data synchronously after the exercise.

2) For the functions of call alert, message alert, find the phone, you need to turn on the mobile phone’s bluetooth, and maintain the connection with the mobile phone.


The smart notification function can be used after the watch is paired and then turned on.

Not receiving any alerts, texts or calls on your watch?

1) You need to turn on the smart reminder function and the call reminder switch in the APP, and synchronize to the watch.

2) The iphone needs to be paired with the watch via Bluetooth.

(Please check the column of “Synchronous Data” for details)

3) You need to keep your watch connected to Bluetooth.


More Useful Features:

Breathing Trainning: Help you regulate rate test to check relax your mood.Music Contral: Control music play on your mobile phone (watch cannot store music).Stopwatch: Have the timing and countdown function.Alarm clock: Multiple alarm clocks can be set, please complete the settings in the APP.Find your phone: (Activate in App) Enable this function for a quick find. (Vibration Reminder) Locate your phone easily, often with a vibration alert.Sedentary Alert: Get a gentle wrist vibration from our tracker during prolonged inactivity, encouraging healthier routines.


Before using the watch for the first time, it is recommended to fully charge it to ensure optimal performance.


【All-Day Accurate Fitness Tracker】The fitness watch has multiple sports modes (walking, running, cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, dynamic cycling, fitness, treadmill, yoga, etc.) to meet various exercise needs. It accurately records all-day activities, monitoring your daily steps, calories burned, distance walked, active minutes, and more.
【Upgraded Fitness Tracker】This smart watch uses a 1.3-inch TFT-LCD full touch screen, marking a major advancement in button touch fitness watches. As an advanced health tracker, it provides essential tools such as sleep monitoring, exercise records, menstrual health tracking, relaxation guidance, alarm clocks, timers, etc., allowing you to better manage your body.
【Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Tracker】Easily track your real-time heart rate and monitor your sleep patterns (deep sleep, light sleep and awake time), helping you adjust your lifestyle to improve your health.
【Blood Oxygen & Blood Pressure Monitoring】Unleash the potential of a healthier you with our smartwatch’s blood oxygen and blood pressure tracking. Stay informed about your vital signs in real-time, empowering you to make proactive health choices. Your health, at your fingertips.
【50m Waterproof Fitness Watch & Battery Life】With a 50m waterproof rating, this smartwatch allows you to enjoy water sports without worry. Combining large capacity and low power consumption, a single charge provides up to 7 days of regular use and an impressive standby time of 30 days, ensuring reliability and convenience.
【Work with Smart Phones 】 Our smart watch compatible with iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.4+ (smartphones only; not compatible with PCs, iPads, or tablets). Download our app, pair it with your phone, and receive notifications for emails, messages, calls, and SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Snapchat, etc.).
【Customer Support】 Thank you for choosing our products. If you have any questions about the products, you can contact our customer service support through your Amazon order number.

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