Rabbit Phone Ring Holder – EI Sonador Clear Cell Phone Ring Holder Transparent Stand Finger Grip (1 Silver + 1 Rose Gold)

Price: $8.99
(as of Apr 22, 2024 06:44:00 UTC – Details)

My Story
I have some problems about phone using, have you ever had occasions?

  • You’re replying to that very special message, and then, SMACK!
    –You dropped the phone on your face… (⋟﹏⋞)
  • You’re holding your groceries, seeing your phone slipping from your hands,
    –dropping to the ground in slow motion, not being able to do anything?(╯‵□′)╯︵┴─┴
  • Never being able to find that right something to pop up your phone to watch that video during meals?ಠ_ಠ

Well wouldn’t you say getting a phone ring holder do the trick?
YES and NO!
Here is the thing about the normal ring holders, they come in various colors.
But is it the one you want?
They do cover up your personalized case, and they look like a patch on the back of your phone.

Won’t it be nice if they are TRANSPARENT?
So, it’s the story of this product, it is a TRANSPARENT PHONE RING.

  • Features
    Transparent design, allowing you to keep the unique pattern of your phone case but also giving you the features of having a phone ring holder.
    Flipping in 180 degrees, rotating 360 degrees when applied on the desktop or flat surface.
  • Frequent Questions
    Q: How can I take it down?
    A: Use a hard card and insert it into the seam of the case and move it gently.
    Q: Will it leave residue on the phone/case?
    A: It shouldnt. If it does, use rubbing alcohol to wipe it off.
    Q: Does it stick to a soft TPU? Or a textured phone case?
    A: It is a very strong adhesive and appears to stick to anything.
    Q: Can it be attached directly on my phone?
    A: Sure, but you might not be able to completely remove all the air bubbles.
  • Parameter
    Net weight: 9g/0.32oz
    Dimensions:Length: 36mm/1.41in, width: 36mm/1.41in

🐇TRANSPARENT: Made to be transparent, allowing you to keep the unique design of your phone case but also giving you the features of having a phone ring holder.
🐇Improve Phone Grip: The phone ring grip holds devices firmly, prevents your phone from dropping & reduces the risk of theft, while you are operating phone or taking photoes.
🐇High viscosity, strong sticky adhensive makes sure the ring be attached tightly to the back of your phone/tablet. The few sticky residue left after detaching can be wipe off by rubbing alcohol easily.
🐇Improve your One-Hand Operation experience: You can use your device with only one hand easily and safely.

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